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Survival Survival V3

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Items in the inventory can be sorted by different criteria. This can be done with configurable hotkeys. You can buy this feature from the shop

This feature helps you empty your inventory in chests with just a command. Once you use this command, all items from your inventory will be moved to chests nearby that have the same items inside. The hotbar is excluded from this command, and requires the use of another one. You can buy this feature from the shop.

You can check if there's an item like the one you are...

All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (December 2021)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (December 2021)

Staff Promoted


Staff Removed


Staff Resigned


Trainee Additions

[Prison] Blueisred

[Skyblock] DBZ3D2Y

[Prison] JammyGuide38742

Team Transfers


Events: Discord Quiz Night event is still cancelled.

Creative Server Build Contests have come to an end.

Streamer Rank Competitions...​

All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (November 2021)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (November 2021)

Staff Promoted

GamerZager201 [Mod] -> [Admin]

xXKayla17Xx [Mod] -> [Admin]

MrBanana9669 [Trainee] -> [Mod]

FusionCrafter01 [Trainee] -> [Mod]

Staff Removed


Staff Resigned


Trainee Additions


Team Transfers


Skyblock Update SkyBlock-V2 Remastered

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We are finally happy to launch a re-worked version of our Skyblock server which you can join from our lobby. Below are some walk around of its features:

1. Island Level: Islands value is defined by its Level(Ⱡ). Island Level depends on island XP(IXP) with the formula y = 1000 * x ^ 1.75 where y is Ⱡ and x is IXP.
IXP can be earned by breaking blocks naturally generated by islands or placing new blocks.
Conditions when you will not earn ixp.
  • breaking blocks which are not generated by block generators or naturally generated.'
  • placing blocks that were broken from the island previously.
By default all given blocks give 1IXP.
Below is the list of IXP Earned from different blocks:

  1. ...

All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (August 2021)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (June/July 2021)

Staff Promoted

GamerZager201: Trainee --> Mod

xXKayla17Xx: Trainee --> Mod

Jay2144: Trainee --> Mod

Staff Removed


Staff Resigned





Eat My Seat


Prison Update Prison v2.5 Update!

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Screenshot (704).png
Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that today PrimeGames will be releasing a major update to Prisons. We cannot believe that it's already version 2.5, and to show our gratitude, we wanted to surprise the community with what may be the biggest update to a single server in all of our history. Below is the changelog, please be patient as we resolve bugs, which are bound to follow a major update such as this one. Thank you for all of your support, and we hope you enjoy the update!

Map Changes
We have decided that Prisons deserves a new look, and thanks to our builders, that wish has come true. The following images show what our new spawn map looks like. And yes, we did combine the spawn and the PvP map into one giant map. Thank you @Albertofloma for your amazing work!

1622756669326.png ...

All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (January 2021)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (January 2021)

Staff Promoted

Omchendu20 [Trainee] -> [Mod]

lannyb42 [Trainee] -> [Mod]

LFNxGhost [Trainee] -> [Mod]

ShakyBloom84996 [Mod] -> [Admin] [Prison Lead]

Feweastea00522 [COLOR=rgb(0, 0...

PrimeGames Christmas Update!

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Special Christmas Items:
Item: Nether Star
Item Name: Christmas Star
Effects: Increases key drop and bank note drop rates by 15-25% when in your inventory.
Description: Mine with this item in your inventory for higher drop rates in mines! Merry Christmas!
Obtained Through: Legendary and Vote Crates

Item: Cookie
Item Name: Santa’s Cookie...

Vote Update

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This update gives the ability to claim ranks from votes at


Prison Update Prison V2 Thanksgiving Update

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Celebrate the Thanksgiving Season with brand new items and custom enchants brought to you in PrimeGames. Check out the in-game shop for Thanksgiving related food items. You can either collect them, eat them, or even use them for custom crafting. All custom crafting is done in the special crafting tables in spawn near the enchantment table!

Don't forget to check out crates for more Thanksgiving related items! Find the Thanksgiving Turkeys in all crates and the Good Luck Charm in all crates besides Legendary!

Thanksgiving Turkey - Instant 3 heart regeneration

Good Luck Charm - Speed 2 (0:05)
Legendary Crates
Item: Netherite Shovel

PG Prison V2 Custom Recipes

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Hello everyone, PrimeGames has started releasing its first custom recipes. To make it much simpler and less confusing, I have decided to add each custom enchant to this forums post, and I will continue adding them as more are released. I hope you everyone enjoys these updates, and thank you everyone for all the support!

Note: Some of the old items cannot be used for these custom crafting recipes. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Item Name

Screenshot (207).png
Description of Each Crafting Item.
Description of Crafted Item

All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (September 2020)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (September 2020)

Staff Promoted

CuteBabe1234: Trainee --> Moderator

Luukiemajo: Mod --> SkyBlock Lead

E3REAT: Mod --> Prison Lead

LightStorm5010: Community Manager --> Leader of Staff


Important Factions Season 5

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Factions Season 5 is releasing tomorrow with 8kx8k map size, spawners, new bow mechanic, new crate system developed by @DaPigGuy#4580 and many more features you need to search on your own and more to come soon.

Reset: We will reset factions season 5 in 6 months from the date of launch.

Why play this server? We are releasing factions season 5 with intentions to keep updating it on regular basis based on requirements and on your ideas. We have scheduled automatic server backups to restore in case needed or something happened which means you are not likely to lose ur hard-worked items anymore in this server.

Upcoming update: Server will keep getting updated frequently on a regular basis as said above with some features like Kill Reward based on players exp point, Bounty system, leaderboards etc

Season-5 #1 faction winner:- The leader of top faction of this season(Season 5) will be rewarded with 100 USD on PayPal...

All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (June 2020)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (June 2020)

Staff Promoted

hektarenektar: Trainee --> Moderator

Ugniuxas2006: Trainee --> Moderator

TurnedMermaid81: Trainee --> Moderator

KINGKK4JC: Trainee --> Moderator

SkyBlock v2 is coming soon™ ⚡️

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After only a few weeks of Prisons v2, the hard work of our developer and staff team supported by the suggestions of our amazing community has lead Prisons to a very stable point, and that gave us the chance to keep working on new V2 servers.

Said that, we are glad to announce the next big V2 game mode: SkyBlock! Initially, the server will start on an alpha stage, and therefore it'll be prone to restart very often to let us, the developers, apply new features or patches.

July 10, 2020 (07/10/2020)


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will I have my Prisons v2 rank here?
Yes! All of our v2 servers are connected with each other.

Q: What will be the next v2 game mode?
We don't know yet, but the odds are Factions.

Q: Did the date change?
Yes, it did. We have had a last moment issue which has delayed the release date.

Q: Do you listen to KPOP?
I didn't a few...

All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (April 2020)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report April 2020

Staff Promoted

Moxwie: Trainee -> Mod

LILSTAR3452: Trainee -> Mod

RetchroVinox: Trainee -> Mod

STARtledCarrot: Trainee -> Mod

pilotplayz45: Trainee -> Mod

PreciseGalaxy58: Mod -> Community Manager

PureNinja019: Prison Lead -> Leader of...

Happy 3rd Anniversary primegamers

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I would like to thank you, staff team, developers, especially our fellow players who brought us here and we successfully surpassed 3 years on primegames today with ups and downs, from 0-top. The reason is you yall and all credits go to you for supporting primegames and being with us all time even in hards times. We will continue to thrive with your love and support.

Use coupon code anniversary to get 50% off on our store. Coupon code will expire this 30th of April.

Happy Birthday, PrimeGames.

Notice Prison v2 is almost here

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You asked for it. We answered.

Artboard 1.png

If you've been in the community for some time, you probably heard about the v2 update, a major update written completely from scratch that would change everything on PrimeGames, including a ton of new and reworked features that will take the PrimeGames user experience to a whole new level.

After a long time of hard work, we are proud to announce Prison's alpha stage release date.

May 10, 2020 (05/10/2020)
Frequently asked questions

Q: What does 'alpha stage' mean?
It's the first phase of software testing, and therefore, the server may have errors. During the alpha release stage, the server will be constantly supervised by our development team and will restart several times to receive software updates (patches, features, etc...).

Q: When will you release the rest of the game modes?
We intend to bring out the main...

All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (March 2020)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (March 2020)

March has been a pretty busy month, we will start with the same as last month, staff team changes.


InvalidLizard80 -> Prison Lead -> Community Manager (promoted again)

PureNinja019 -> Prison Lead

Rushil13579 -> Moderator

Benny Phan -> Moderator


LUCKYSAS1 -> Prison Lead -> Moderator



Welch master131



Important !! Turn off Automatic Update !!

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We are expecting a new version of Minecraft Bedrock to release soon. These can take a while for us to update our servers as Mojang and Microsoft usually make changes that will impact server software. This update will not only affect PrimeGames, but all non-featured servers. If you intend on continuing to play on servers other than featured servers, you will need to TURN OFF YOUR AUTOMATIC UPDATES. We expect that new versions will be pushed to app stores as soon as next Tuesday, so don't wait!

Most Android and iOS players won't be able to go back to the previous version once they have updated, and the process for going back on Windows 10 isn't easy. Please take the time now to TURN OFF YOUR AUTOMATIC UPDATES FOR MINECRAFT.

For iPhone/iPad users:
- Open the Settings app.
- Choose "iTunes & App Store"
- Change "Automatic Downloads" to "off"

For Android users with Google Play:
- Open the Play Store
- Choose "Settings" from the Menu
- Change the option for...

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