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There some really weird comments here 🧐🧐
I’m so confused on how I’ve been super banned 3 times now like what I was super banned like last week and I some how logged on today and now I’m super banned again I don’t know what is happening its really annoying
If you are getting superban by console that means you are using an vpn which was used by someone and got superbanned or you were using a vpn to evade when your main/other account was superbanned and you forgot to turn on vpn and join and get superbanned
but I’ve been superbanned 3 times but I can always join again
no way u just said I hacked on an alt and advertised I wish ione was still staff ur terrible
Well you don't admit to what you do...
You evaded alot last night too and now you will say "no way u just said that"