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I'd like to know why I'm banned in-game even tho I haven't broken any rules.
You were banned after leaving the staff team due to the drama at the time. Your ban was not executed until a little later though.
I find that disappointing giving all the time I spent here
I'm sick right niw. Like really sick my throat feels like its gonna kill me and iwnrudhajaj
If you can plz tell the residents of sefyard or vettebrandon or grimreaperzisdead or vaderwill that's why I'm gone and to listen to grim till I get well enough to focus on anything that isn't pain.
I just had an ice cream cone so I have the sugar rush needed to type this out.
Thanks in advance
Why did u want my birthday
It directly relates to your ban.
I made a bug report about voting in skyblock. Please read it is urgent. Just to tell you how bad it is you can get zues in 9 days because of it.