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Other Why i think people who buy v2 ranks get v1 ranks

When you buy a v2 rank you dont get a v1 rank but when you buy a v1 rank you get a v2 rank so this means someone with the same amount of money

could buy a v1 rank and also get a v2 rank but what if I bought a v2 rank I would need to spend duable the amount if you want the v1 rank

Basically what I'm saying is that if you spend money on hero rank you dont have to pay for the zues rank meaning buying a v1 rank would cost way less than buying the v2 ranks.

If you dont understand the things I am stating dm me on discord at IronMist89#6909 and I will explain better


the anime lover
Staff member
If you buy a v1 rank, the rank automatically transfers over to v2 so you do not lose your ranks IF the v1 servers close. V2 ranks dont transfer to v1 however because v1 is the older server and v2 is the new and work in progress servers. So yes, buying ranks on v1 saves you the money and struggle of having to buy the rank seperately in the v2 server.