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Prison V2 Information that you might need

Heres some info that you might need! I'll update this from time to time

Rank mines and pvp mine added!

How to do Stuff
Go to the mines and go to your plots with the warps NPC at spawn or with your totem

Create a gang or join one using your totem.

Receive your vote rewards with /vote.

Teleport to others or accept a teleport request with /tp

Check how much money and keys you have using the totem in your inventory. Select the Bank option and this allows you to see how much money and keys you have and lets you pay others.

You can buy stuff with /shop.

Titan (Highest rank, not released yet)

- Crate keys randomly appear at spawn. When it does, it will be announced in chat. Players with ranks can use /fly to fly and find these keys faster. If you click on the key fast enough, you might get 2 or more rare keys.
- Vote rewards do not stack. You can only get 2 vote keys per day form voting. Make sure to claim your rewards before voting again.
- You can find Bank Notes from crates or mining. These give you extra money.
- You can fix an item with /fix. This costs money.
- Riots allow you to go in a random mine whether unlocked or locked and PvP is enabled in these mines. Riots randomly occur (?), can be started by staff and can be started using Guard Schedules obtained from crates or mining. Most of the time, its not worth it to go in riots.

- You can type !item in chat to show off the item you're holding in chat. When doing this, '!item' will be replaced with '[Your item]'. You can easily fake having certain items by just saying "[Any item]" in chat.
- /shrug exists. /supersecretcommand used to exist.
- If your pickaxe breaks, you can buy another one for money in /shop. If you don't have any money and have nothing to sell and no pickaxe.. then... guess you're screwed.
- Didn't receive your rank? Log onto v1 prisons then log out and go to the v2 lobby. From the lobby, join v2 prisons. This should give you your rank.
- Currently, you can only get items with custom enchants from crates.
- You can see who has the most money, blocks broken, kills and the highest killstreak at spawn.
- If you don't like v2 currently, you could play on v1 prisons instead or just wait... I guess.

Stuff You Can't Do (Yet)
Buy custom enchants
Use kits
Chat in colors
Promote members of a faction
Ally with another faction

Thats all!
I hope this was helpful! If I missed something or got something wrong, tell me!
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Staff member
There were riot note things in crate keys which had a certain percentage chance to be successful but I think they were removed for some reason
They probably caused crashes or something, or allowed people to access the command to start it at free will.


Staff member
No they worked well, you would tap the riot thing on the floor and they were either successful or unsuccessful