Important !! Turn off Automatic Update !!

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We are expecting a new version of Minecraft Bedrock to release soon. These can take a while for us to update our servers as Mojang and Microsoft usually make changes that will impact server software. This update will not only affect PrimeGames, but all non-featured servers. If you intend on continuing to play on servers other than featured servers, you will need to TURN OFF YOUR AUTOMATIC UPDATES. We expect that new versions will be pushed to app stores as soon as next Tuesday, so don't wait!

Most Android and iOS players won't be able to go back to the previous version once they have updated, and the process for going back on Windows 10 isn't easy. Please take the time now to TURN OFF YOUR AUTOMATIC UPDATES FOR MINECRAFT.

For iPhone/iPad users:
- Open the Settings app.
- Choose "iTunes & App Store"
- Change "Automatic Downloads" to "off"

For Android users with Google Play:
- Open the Play Store
- Choose "Settings" from the Menu
- Change the option for "Auto-update apps" to "Don't auto-update apps"

For Windows 10 users:
- Open the Microsoft Store
- Choose "Settings" from the menu
- Turn "Update apps automatically" to "Off"


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.