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SkyBlock Speedrun mode!

we got 1 block and normal but why not challenge some players into a speedrun island it will be a normal island you goal is to get to the end aka something that looks like it by going to each island and looking for everything they need. sounds easy right no!

your on a time limit you have 10 mins if you succeed you will get new key called the speedrunners key (or speedrunners kit) once done with the speedrun challenge you can still play it but will not get a reward. this will be put on the sb v2 leaderboards they should add new modes like this every week. but having a speedrun mode could be fun
At first I was kinda "ehhh" when I first read it but then I kept reading and I actually love this idea, it could also just be community ran for the fastest time to get {insert item} and keep track of times though a trust system or have some staff verify the runs!
Personally, we could do a (community ran) speed to get idk 1 cactus. In oneblock mode or classical. Or we could see who could get level 3 the fastest!