Skyblock Update SkyBlock-V2 Remastered

We are finally happy to launch a re-worked version of our Skyblock server which you can join from our lobby. Below are some walk around of its features:

1. Island Level: Islands value is defined by its Level(Ⱡ). Island Level depends on island XP(IXP) with the formula y = 1000 * x ^ 1.75 where y is Ⱡ and x is IXP.
IXP can be earned by breaking blocks naturally generated by islands or placing new blocks.
Conditions when you will not earn ixp.
  • breaking blocks which are not generated by block generators or naturally generated.'
  • placing blocks that were broken from the island previously.
By default all given blocks give 1IXP.
Below is the list of IXP Earned from different blocks:

  1. Emerald Ore: 70
  2. Diamond Ore: 60
  3. Lapis Ore: 40
  4. Gold Ore: 40
  5. Iron Ore: 30
  6. Pumpkin: 20
  7. Melon: 20
  8. Potato: 5
  9. Carrot: 5
  10. Wheat: 5
  11. Beetroot: 5
  12. All Planks: 2
  13. Stone: 3
  14. All Logs: 5
  15. Stone Brick: 5
  16. Clay Block: 5
  17. Gravel: 5
  18. All Leaves: 0
  19. All Saplings: 0

2. Island Quests: Each island has its own quests which needs to be completed and is one of the main sources of Island money and to unlock items available in the island shop. You can use Island money to buy items from island shops.

3. Block Generator: Block generators can be used to generate different types of blocks on island-like ores, wool etc. A block generator has different blocks locked by default and has to unlock using $(players money). By default a block generator has one block unlocked.
There are 4 types of block generators as of now:
1. Ore generator
2. Concrete generator
3. glass generator
4. wool generator each generator will generator all the blocks of its type.

4. Farmer: A farmer will automatically harvest all fully grown crops within its chunk 0 - 256 hight. A farmer can be levelled up by using $ to unlock more inventory slots.

5. Trader: A trader walks around the lobby who will trade rare items like player soul and in return will give a high amount of island money. The trader will also give huge sale boosts at times where it gives +% more island money for rare items.

6. Auto BlockGen Collector: A custom item that can be bought from an island shop that will break blocks generated by a block generator, if placed above the generated blocks. It also collects XP dropped by breaking blocks and gives to the player whoever takes items dropped from breaking blocks from it It can be levelled up to gain more inventory slots with $, increasing its level will also increase random incrementation of island XP on block breaks.

7. Enchantment table: The enchantment table has been enhanced to include custom enchants as well and from levels 1 - 6. Items can be enchanted by interacting with an enchantment table Note: An item with any enchants can be enchanted.

8. Thor's Hammer: A custom item that has been added to the skyblock server as an exclusive item that can be gained from crates This hammer can break players armour really really fast.