SkyBlock v2 is coming soon™ ⚡️

After only a few weeks of Prisons v2, the hard work of our developer and staff team supported by the suggestions of our amazing community has lead Prisons to a very stable point, and that gave us the chance to keep working on new V2 servers.

Said that, we are glad to announce the next big V2 game mode: SkyBlock! Initially, the server will start on an alpha stage, and therefore it'll be prone to restart very often to let us, the developers, apply new features or patches.

July 10, 2020 (07/10/2020)


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will I have my Prisons v2 rank here?
Yes! All of our v2 servers are connected with each other.

Q: What will be the next v2 game mode?
We don't know yet, but the odds are Factions.

Q: Did the date change?
Yes, it did. We have had a last moment issue which has delayed the release date.

Q: Do you listen to KPOP?
I didn't a few weeks ago, but Didah is always playing KPOP while we work... I think I'm starting to like it :( h e l p

If you have any question, feel free to ask our staff on discord.
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