Important Skyblock suggestions


Add stackable spawners in shop

with these spawners make it so when you kill a mob there is a 5 percent chance of getting a mob head and you need 500 of certain mob heads to unlock more spawners. Would make skyblock more fun and more of a grind overall.
Make it so to get custom enchants you have to gather a certain amount of xp levels and then you can purchase a random rarity custom enchant book that will give you a random ce book of the rarity you purchased for ex purchasing a legendary book for 100 levels gives you “inquisitive 3” with a 37 percent chance of going on what you put it on. Inquisitive giving you more xp when you kill mobs.
It would make pvp more fun so not everyone has fully maxed gsets in pvp and people with not as good pvp skills but great gear could have a chance in a pvp mine.
Relating to pvp mine add envoys. Envoys happen once every 3 hours and they drop random peices of maybe ce gear in a chest that someone goes in and breaks and then is allowed to leave with they’re gear. You could also add rename scrolls to it or a 100xp voucher that you could purchase a ce book with.