Notice Season 2 is on the Horizon!

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Updates are Coming!

On Thursday 11/8/2018, we announced an upcoming release of updated game modes on our servers in Discord. We're going to re-post that here and answer some of the FAQ's related to this update.

Earlier this year the development team started working on a major rewrite of all the server game modes and digital backbone. These changes will bring new features and improved performance to every aspect of PrimeGames. Due to the nature of this change, it will mean that all current game modes will be replaced with newer versions. We originally expected that this change would be happening around Jan 1, 2019.


Some things that you need to be aware of:

1. When we introduce the updated game modes, there will be a transition time of about 3 - 6 months before we remove the old servers. This means you will still be able to play there with your purchased ranks and items for a while after the updates.

2. Your items and money will not be available in the updated game modes.

3. Paid Ranks will be the only things that carry over with the updates. More will be posted on this soon.

4. We will make announcements, posts, and videos to let everyone know about the updates and when they are going to happen once we have an estimated release date.

5. All bans will be pardoned. We want everyone to have an opportunity to enjoy the updates and provide good feedback. This will be a second chance for many people. Please use it wisely.

6. Most of the staff do not know the details for these updates. If you have questions, please feel free to DM me. If we see that there are still lots of questions, we may add a temporary channel to the Discord that's specifically for discussing this update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I going to lose my stuff?
A. Yes. The only thing you will keep is Ranks that you have paid for.

Q. When will this update happen?
A. We currently don't know but we are trying to have it ready at the beginning of the year.

Q. I purchased a rank. Will I lose it?
A. No, but ranks will have new names on the updated servers. We'll have a special thread just for explaining how this will work.

More info will be posted here as needed.
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