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Prison Prisons V2 Suggestions

Made by: xForeverRose (aka me) with suggestion help from some others!

Kits for ranks, dont make them too over powered, but make them good.

-Have better rank mine sell prices but not too op. Its hard to get the money!

-Create ways to enchant pickaxes or get enchsnted pickaxes other than crates.

-Add either a clear/empty command for plots to remove all of the dirt all the way to bedrock or create a prime shovel with good efficiency or driller for the dirt. It is extremely time consuming with a non enchanted shovel.

-Bring the commands back! The totem is also very time consuming and unnecessary in prisons! The commands are a lot easier and quicker for those who know how to use them.

- Add warps/a warp area instead of the totem.

-Make voting rewards a little more worth it, make it better.

-Change up keyrates! I think common are just fine where they are at but in the 3 days I have been playing I have gotten nothing else other than common keys and same with many others.

-Allow driller in rank mines if you do not change the rank mine sell prices or add a better pickaxe.

-Add back /msg or /w so we can message a staff about a hacker being online quickly without scaring the hacker off.

-Fix rank rankup prices. Way too expensive for the little amount of $$ you get.

-Add buyable ce's again but only for tools and a FEW others.

-Make it so ores sell moree than the clay sells for.
Yes this is what needs to happen... Rank-Up prices are way to high...


Staff member
Yes I agree with most of your suggestions Its also alpha so there is more to come like CE, commands and many more.
It's to stop rapid progression and avoid having too many players at 1 stage
Ahem Time to put my two cents into this one i'm back to make points and I have a dull pencil.

"Rapid progression" So I just have to say, progression should be slow sure I don't mind a bit of a grind. But it just borders on insanity when it takes as long as it does you should be able to ru in a 8 hour period or less and I havnt played prisons enough quite to know what the rate for ru is. I will say is you could lower it a little at least to show you are listening to ideas because when you have (from what ive seen) the whole server saying something I just think it would be smart to implement if reasonable which I think this doesnt seem to crazy.