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If you've been in the community for some time, you probably heard about the v2 update, a major update written completely from scratch that would change everything on PrimeGames, including a ton of new and reworked features that will take the PrimeGames user experience to a whole new level.

After a long time of hard work, we are proud to announce Prison's alpha stage release date.

May 10, 2020 (05/10/2020)
Frequently asked questions

Q: What does 'alpha stage' mean?
It's the first phase of software testing, and therefore, the server may have errors. During the alpha release stage, the server will be constantly supervised by our development team and will restart several times to receive software updates (patches, features, etc...).

Q: When will you release the rest of the game modes?
We intend to bring out the main games (SkyBlock and Factions) over the next few months.

Q: Are you going to close all of the v1 servers?
After each game beta stage is released, there will be a transition time of 3 - 6 months before the old servers are removed. This may vary depending on the community's reaction.

Q: Will I keep my purchased rank?
Yes, although the ranks might not be available during the first few days of the alpha testing.

Q: Will I keep my progress on the v1? (items, worlds, etc...)
A: After the transition time ends, everything from the v1 will be archived.

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