Prison Update Prison v2.5 Update!

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Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that today PrimeGames will be releasing a major update to Prisons. We cannot believe that it's already version 2.5, and to show our gratitude, we wanted to surprise the community with what may be the biggest update to a single server in all of our history. Below is the changelog, please be patient as we resolve bugs, which are bound to follow a major update such as this one. Thank you for all of your support, and we hope you enjoy the update!

Map Changes
We have decided that Prisons deserves a new look, and thanks to our builders, that wish has come true. The following images show what our new spawn map looks like. And yes, we did combine the spawn and the PvP map into one giant map. Thank you @Albertofloma for your amazing work!



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Yes that is correct, we are happy to introduce 26 new quests into Prisons! Each quest has a unique name, lore/story, task, and reward! While I'd really like to put information about all 26 quests in here, it would be too long. If there are enough requests, a forum about prisons quests could be done in the future! If you have any suggestions for future quests, don't be afraid to make a forums post under "Feedback and Suggestions."

Trading Feature
The long awaited trading feature has finally been added to prisons! This will act as a substitute for the auction house, which has been causing major lag these past several days. Just hold any item you want to sell, do /trade, set a price, and wait for someone to accept your offer. Or you can do a private trade by interacting with players in spawn!


Chest Shop + Community Shops Feature
The chest shop plug-in used in v1 has been a big request from many players among our community, for that reason, we have added our own take on the plug-in. By sending the command, /myshop, you can view all of the new features that follow this plug-in. For one, each shop can be accessed and viewed by the Community Shop NPC in spawn.



Prestiging/Rank Reset
While we wanted Prisons v2.5 to feel like a reset and a new season of Prisons, we really didn't want everyone to lose their progress. For that reason, the following was not reset: items, money, plots, and purchased ranks. In order for it to feel like a reset or a new season, we reset mine ranks and prestige ranks. Fortunately, the only reason for that reset wasn't just "to make it feel like a reset or new season." Read below to understand why these things were done.

Level-Up + PvP
When you prestige, you get 2 level-up points. Level-up points are a new form of currency that can be used in a new shop. This shop is unlike any other shop in any of our previous servers. In this shop, you are able to buy permanent buffs to your character. These buffs include, more health, defense, strength/damage, and less knockback. We understand that this will very well change the meta for PvP on our server, so we are looking for any issues or feedback relating to this feature. If something is deemed unbalanced, expect changes.

Customizable Pickaxes + Tokens
What is this you may ask. It's exactly what the name suggests; it's a pickaxe that you can customize! By using tokens that you get from ranking up, you are able to upgrade the pickaxe from wood to iron, iron to gold, and so on! Not only that, but using tokens you can upgrade and unlock different enchants on the pickaxe! You may think, isn't this a waste of time if I die in PvP? Well... this pickaxe is permanently in your inventory when you are in any of the A - Z and Rank Mines! We decided to make it unobtainable in PvP mine, so that it doesn't interfere with PvP slots. In other words, when you enter any mine that isn't PvP, this pickaxe will show up in your first inventory slot, and cannot be removed or moved. When you leave the warp, the pickaxe will disappear!

Pickaxe Powerup!
Mine a certain amount of blocks in any mine warp to charge up your pickaxe. Once charged, right click to use the powerup!

Supply Crates!
While mining in any mine warp, there is a very small chance to drop a supply crate. This supply crate comes in the form of a chest. This chest must be placed in PvP mine, and once placed will alert all players in the server. If this supply crate is not placed, it will disappear. Also, if placed on a plot, the supply crate will become useless, so be careful! These supply crates drop powerful items including the return of V2 items.

In order for players to easily see their statistics, we have added a scoreboard to the side of your screen! Here you can view such stats as the mine you are in, how many blocks you need to break to rank-up, total blocks broken, best kill streak / current kill streak, total kills, money, tokens, etc... Due to previous bugs, the statistics in leaderboards have been reset. Good luck getting the top position!

Other Features/Changes
- New leaderboard showing the top prisoner in spawn! Don't know what that means? Go check it out!
- Prestiging is no longer limited to only 30 levels.
- Players with Hades+ can now turn on auto sell! Just use /autosell
- Teleportation has been revamped! You no longer have to do /tp and find the player's name in a list. Just do /tpr (ign) and accept people's teleportation requests with /tpa.
- Offline plot helpers can now be removed from plots!
- Shard drop rates from Common and Rare Crates have been buffed/raised.
- Added Mortal Kit
- Removed Kit Pickaxes

Bug Fixes
- Crate loot view has been fixed. You can now right click / long press to view loot in a specific crate.
- Some minor fixes relating to gangs causing crashes has been fixed.
- Lapis blocks can now be sold.
- Leaderboards are fixed.
- Kill streak is fixed.
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Just an fyi you won't be getting 813k Tokens. This was for testing purposes.
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