PrimeGames Skyblock v3 (Supreme Skyblock)

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Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that last week PrimeGames released its new interpretation of Skyblock! The long awaited Version 3 of Skyblock has arrived with many new features and twists that were never expected. All of this was made available with the cross-platform setup of the new server. Yes, that is correct, both Bedrock and Java players can join and play together on the new server! To celebrate this occasion, we decided to rebrand the cross-platform servers and call them SupremeGames! Below is a lot of what the server offers, please be patient as we resolve bugs, which usually follow a major server release such as this one. Thank you for all of your support, and we hope you enjoy Skyblock!

Beautiful SkyBlock Spawn Map
Go around and explore the beautiful new map to discover hidden features, talk with helpful NPCs, or show off your leaderboard positions!
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Crates and Keys
Complete missions, vote for the server, and just play to get different types of keys. Different keys access various crates from just normal Common Crates to Ultra Crates where you can get spawners, XP, money, or even a Key All!
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Talk to the Cosmetic Master NPC to unlock different trails, chat, name, and glow colors!

Player Levels + Island Missions
Level up your character by completing specific missions and tasks in order to get island points and unlock new areas of the map! Who knows, may be you could even win a minion?
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Mob Coins
Mob coins are a new type of currency that can be used to purchase special boosts, vouchers, keys, and spawners! These coins are obtained randomly by slaying mobs or defeating bosses! The mob coin shop updates daily with new items, so check in periodically and purchase your needs.
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Rank Kits
In this version of Skyblock, kits are not only available to people who have certain ranks, but also to anyone who obtains a kit voucher from crates and the mob coin shop! Kits include pvp items, crate keys, and essential Skyblock building blocks.
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Resource Island + Bosses
Unlock the Resource Island by leveling up your character. In the resource island, you will find many riches but treasure doesn't come easy! Watch out for custom bosses!
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Custom Enchanting
A server with this size would be incomplete without custom enchants! Go to the enchanting area in spawn or simply run the /enchanter command to access the large variety of vanilla and custom enchants available. Buy common, rare, or legendary books using experience to obtain low level or high level custom enchanted books. These books can be applied to their respective items by hovering the book over the item in the player inventory. Watch out for the success and destroy chances!

Island Generators
Building a cobblestone generator may not be what you expect. Not only do you get cobblestone, but you can also get valuable ores like gold and diamond by upgrading your island generators with the /generators command!

Island Value
What is SkyBlock without islands? Well... not Skyblock! Group up with up to 12 friends and create the largest and most valuable island on the server by placing valuable spawners and blocks! Check your islands position by running the /is top command!

Build mob grinders and unlock new spawners through specific crates and even the shop!

Player Skills
This new SkyBlock introduces 15 new player skills that can be upgraded in their own unique ways. Farming, foraging, mining, fishing, excavation, archery, defense, fighting, endurance, agility, alchemy, enchanting, sorcery, healing, and forging each unlock special abilities for their respective part of the game-mode and these abilities can be leveled up by progressing through the game. Each skill has its own skill tree where the future awards and needed experience to level up is clearly visible. Check your skill levels by running the /skills command or check your position in each skill with the /skillrank command.
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Other Cool Features!
Detailing all features in this guide would be almost impossible, so here is a list of many other features to be discovered playing Skyblock:
- The Auction House
- Key Combining
- Player Shops
- Personal Vaults
- Ender Chests
- Different types of Skyblock Islands
- Coin Flip
- Island Visiting
- Leaderboards
- Warzone
- SkyBlock Shop
- PvP Envoys
- Scrambled Words Event
- Server-wide Vote Event
- Minions

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