All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (March 2020)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (March 2020)

March has been a pretty busy month, we will start with the same as last month, staff team changes.


InvalidLizard80 -> Prison Lead -> Community Manager (promoted again)

PureNinja019 -> Prison Lead

Rushil13579 -> Moderator

Benny Phan -> Moderator


LUCKYSAS1 -> Prison Lead -> Moderator



Welch master131











Trainee Additions

Specsalt [KitPvP]

RetchroVinox [Skyblock]

LILSTAR3452 [KitPvP]

Moxwie [Skyblock]

STARtledCarrot [Prisons]

pilotplayz45 [Survival]


Albertofloma03 [Survival]

Staff Related Updates

If you are banned from the in-game servers, you will be banned from the discord as well. Since there have been some issues of players saying the discord rules are not readily available, we made a new channel. The #rules channel will prevent all new members from talking and other actions until they agree to the rules. That way there is no confusion on what is and is not allowed.

Our DND rule has been updated along with this issue. Currently DND (do not disturb) is a command used to punish people who ping you many times while you wish to not be pinged. Since some players thought this was an abusive way to try and mute someone or that many don’t know, we innovated. The DND punishment will only be applied if you have something along the lines of [DND] in your nickname OR warn the person that you are on DND and that pinging you could result in a mute. To turn on DND go to our #bot-commands channel and type !dndon and use !dndoff to turn it off.

Update to rank issues, do not send your receipts to a staff member that is not LOS or Chief. Any staff under LOS has no reason to see it as they will direct you to LOS+ regardless. This way we can ensure any information regarding the purchase will be kept safe, security is a priority of ours. If you have a rank issue please contact one of these staff members on discord -> ReverendMouse#2380, Hazie#2942, FissileWolf9029#8433, aes#0001 (or submit a rank related issues forums thread). Do NOT publicly post your receipts either.

Factions Event -> Congrats to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who participated! We are planning more events in the future so stay tuned. Have any feedback? Feel free to make a forum feedback/suggestions thread. Also be sure to follow our Twitter @PrimeGamesMCS as well as our Instagram primegamesmcs to keep up to date with events, contests, and important announcements/updates!

Server Specific Changes

Prisons / Prisons 1 shop updated to be more organized and add a lot more items / Added sell all NPC to every mine in p1 and p2 / Added mine chests in pvp mine / Crafting tables added to mines that need crafting to sell / Shooting arrows banned in spawn / Fire Aspect disabled due to a glitch / Shielded CE removed from the shop because it was causing lag issues /

Factions / Claim size increased to 30, Str needed to claim reduced to 250 / Spawners shop added / Many shop updates, click spoiler for details. /

- Increased Prismarine shards and crystals to sell for 200
- Added ink sacs, selling for 210
- Added slimeballs selling for 250
- Increased bones to sell for 140
- Increased leather to sell for 100
- Increased raw porkchop to sell for 125, removed this from food category
- Added cooked porkchop to food category for 60$
- Removed raw beef from food category, Increased sell price to 50
- Added cooked beef to food category, for 60$
- Added string, sells for 120
- Added poppy's (Drop from iron golem) to sell for 80
- Increased iron sell from 10 to 40
- Increased blaze from 50 to 80
- Increase zombie flesh from 40 to 65
- Increased gold ingot selling price from 14 to 27
- Increased iron ore price from 5 to 10
- Increased gold ore price from 7 to 14
- Added gold nugget for 3$
- Added gold block for 250
- Added rabbit for 80
- Increased gunpowder from 60 to 110
- Added raw chicken to be sellable for 30
- Added feathers to be sellable for 50
- Added cooked chicken to food for 60

Skyblock / Spawners added /

Survival / Prismarine crystals and shards now sell for 200$ / Ice added to shop for $1000 each / Banned lava for lag reasons /

KitPvP / Patched an exploit /

Creative / Build contest winners will have their build featured on the PrimeGames Twitter and Instagram /

Prison Reset -> What is the Prison Reset? We are working on a small update that will wipe everything besides paid ranks. All money, gangs, strength, plots, items, will be wiped. Only thing staying is donor ranks that was paid for. If you ranked up to coal from Z that does not count as a paid rank. When is the reset going to happen? The reset should happen before May, we are very close to finishing the last pieces of it. What new things will be added to the reset? As of right now we can not announce that information, however you can refer to this link to get an idea of the feedback we received on the reset.

Future Events -> Will PG have any upcoming events soon? We are working on some ideas however it is not promised. If you have suggestions for an event do not hesitate to submit a feedback/suggestion post with your idea, we love hearing ideas and suggestions.

Build Contests and Social Media -> Recently the PG social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) have been revived. All build contest winners will have their build, plot number, and username featured on our social media accounts. Also, social media will have events, updates, and important announcements as stated earlier. Follow our Twitter here -> PrimeGames Twitter and our Instagram here -> PrimeGames Instagram

**This is not a thread to reply to, this is simply a report of what all happened in PrimeGames during the month of March 2020. If you have feedback, suggestions, or any other concerns feel free to make a forum thread in the respective category.**
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