All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (June 2020)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (June 2020)

Staff Promoted

hektarenektar: Trainee --> Moderator

Ugniuxas2006: Trainee --> Moderator

TurnedMermaid81: Trainee --> Moderator

KINGKK4JC: Trainee --> Moderator

Cheekyclapzz480: Trainee --> Moderator

Luukiemajo: Trainee --> Moderator

Epathegreat: Trainee --> Moderator

LightStorm5010: Prison Lead--> Community Manager (Still Prison Lead)

Staff Removed





Trainee Additions

Ugniuxas2006 [KitPvP] (Promoted to Moderator)

DjSnake633 [Prisons]

Giveaways! On June 15th, #MyNode gave away two Discord Nitro. The winners were TheLordReiyden and ConfirmBuy. Congratulations to our winners and a big thanks to #MyNode for hosting the giveaway. To join giveaways such as these, join the PrimeGames discord server.

Events: June was a month full of event planning. Tomorrow (Friday) there will be a Discord Quiz Night Event at 1:00 pm EST. More information about that is in the #announcements page in our discord.

Competition/Contests: A big contest was announced yesterday. This contest is for all of you out there that are talented in making and editing videos. The winner of the event will receive Streamer Rank in our servers. More information is below:

Hello, I hope you are all doing well! I am happy to announce that PrimeGames will be hosting its first contest for Streamer Rank. The criteria below explains how the video submissions will be judged and the things that we want included in the video. Firstly, and most obviously, we want the video to be about PrimeGames and we want it to promote our server. Creativity, originality, and quality are very important when it comes a good video, for that reason, they are a part of the criteria. Using the criteria below, the best video will be chosen, and the content creator will receive Streamer Rank. Everyone can compete, and the winners will be announced in this channel, #announcements. Also, it does not matter how many subscribers your YT channel has, as long as you are actively posting content. This competition will occur every 2 weeks (14 days) with 1 day in between. An example to be clear, for this round, all videos must be submitted into my dms by July 15 at 11:59 pm EST, and they will be reviewed July 16 and the winners announced in the next couple of days. Then the competition will begin again July 17 and the videos will be due August 1. This does not mean that you have to make your video in 14 days... you can start July 2 and submit August 1. Also, videos can be submitted earlier than the due date, but will not be viewed until all videos are submitted. Thank you everyone for your time and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night! Good luck!


Quality of Video (15 points) - What it means: Was the video laggy? How well does the content look?

How well PG was advertised (10 points) - What it means: Was the ip and port put in the video description? Was the ip and port stated during the video? How did the content creator describe PrimeGames?

Editing (25 points) - What it means: Was the video well edited? Does it look like the content creator put in time and effort to make it the best possible video?

Originality (30 points) - What it means: Was the video original? Is it a copy of another video that has been done before?

Creativity (20 points) - What it means: Is the video creative?

The winners of the events and contests will be announced here as well every month. Most events and competitions are hosted by LightStorm5010 and if you have any questions feel free to dm him at LightStorm5010#1418.

Server Specific Changes

[Prison 1 & Prison 2] NPC updates and fixes. Prison 1 custom enchant shop was fixed. The glitch with rank mines will hopefully be fixed soon!​

[Survival] NPC updates and fixes. Added command shops for stone bricks, spruce, birch, acacia, jungle, and dark oak logs for bulk buying.
- Added white wool to shop for $85 each on Survival

[Factions] NPC updates and fixes. Factions Season 5 information below!

[KitPvP] NPC updates and fixes. Replaced the glass surrounding the lava in the ravine with invisible bedrock and removed the cobwebs from the ravine. Revamped the slappers' pedestals and flattened the map. Put invisible bedrock over the ravine in KitPvP, ladder is still accessible if you wish to get down.​

[SkyBlock] NPC updates and fixes. Rules signs were edited so that they are no longer all in caps and in red, but now are more appealing. Crates were moved from the old information room to near the slappers at spawn. Removed the hacker cage at spawn as it was in the way and had no use. Replaced the water at spawn with blue stained glass to reduce lag as much as possible. Added an Enchants slapper to warp pvp. Removed slappers from SB staff room because they were constantly being broken and replaced the slappers with signs. Skyblock V2 information below!

- Increased sea lantern cost to $170 each.
- Increased snow block cost to $85 each.
- Added Smooth Stone Slab to shop for $60.

[Creative] NPC updates and fixes.​

[Prison V2] Added the Prison 1 and Prison 2 Top Money and Top Gangs leaderboards in the Prison V2 plots spawn. Click the Spoiler Box below for most other updates.

- The shop was reorganized so that now all items should be easier to find, it will be done again soon to make it even easier.
- Iron ingots and Gold ingots are now sellable in mines.
- You can now use /chat to switch between world channels.
- The knockback issue has been fixed.
- Players can no longer shoot arrows into pvp from safe area.
- Players are no longer teleported back to the spawn when the mine gets reset. Instead, they will only get teleported to the mine spawn if they are on the mining area.
- Added a /findplot command (also known as /p auto). This command will find and teleport you to an unclaimed plot. You can also use /fp and /pauto.
- The plot's spawn was updated.
- The gang names can no longer contain colors.
- The global chat can now see all the channels.
- The maximum plot limit has been updated for these ranks:
(Poseidon: 5 -> 6)
(Hades: 6 -> 10)
(Zeus: 7 -> 15)
- Poseidon+ ranks can now use /color to change their name color.
- Zeus now gets a 1.20x price multiplier when selling mined items with /sell or in the mine NPC
- You can now use /rank to change your displayed rank in-game! (You will still have permissions of the most powerful rank you've bought).
- The issue where you were not able to use a custom enchanted item and to change its slot has been fixed

[Discord] FAQ channel was created. Quiz Night channel and VC were also added for the Quiz Night Event. Prison V2 feedback, questions, and bugs channels were created as well.​

[All Servers] All of our servers have updated to the newest version of Minecraft, 1.16. Another big change is that all v1 servers are now using the same ip: If doesn't work then an alternate ip is​

[Factions S5] Another season of Factions is coming soon. More information will be given in #announcements when the server is ready for release.​

[SkyBlock V2] Skyblock V2 will be the 2nd of all PrimeGames V2 servers to be released. More information including the release date and a sneak peek into the map is viewable here:​

**This is not a thread to reply to, this is simply a report of what all happened in PrimeGames during the month of June 2020. If you have feedback, suggestions, or any other concerns feel free to make a forum thread in the respective category.**
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