All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (December 2021)

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PrimeGames Monthly Report (December 2021)

Staff Promoted


Staff Removed


Staff Resigned


Trainee Additions

[Prison] Blueisred

[Skyblock] DBZ3D2Y

[Prison] JammyGuide38742

Team Transfers


Events: Discord Quiz Night event is still cancelled.

Creative Server Build Contests have come to an end.

Streamer Rank Competitions have come to an end for the time being.

Prison and Survival Server Build Contests have come to an end for the time being.

Server Changes:
Survival 3.0.1:

-> You can now link your java and bedrock account and log with either to have same inventory and ranks and all other datas. Use /link account. Note: You will have to join with both java and bedrock while linking your account. Your java inventory will be used and you will loose bedrock inventory when you link your accounts for first time.​
Before you link your account make sure to transfer all items and items to java account.
-> Fixed where players would loose their rank randomly

Prison 2.7.0:
- New Christmas Items: Candy Cane, Sana's Milk, Eggnog, Ball Of ice and more which can be found in mines and in crates
- New Christmas armor set in Lab Table menu
- Now your prisoner pickaxes can be upgraded to have up to 25 Mine looting enchantment levels
- For a limited time you can add +10 more enchantment levels on an item

The winners of the events and contests will be announced here as well every month. Most events and competitions are hosted by GamerZager201 and if you have any questions feel free to dm them at Ev3#0014.

**This is not a thread to reply to, this is simply a report of what all happened in PrimeGames during the month of December 2021. If you have feedback, suggestions, or any other concerns feel free to make a forum thread in the respective category.**
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