All Server PrimeGames Monthly Report (August 2021)

PrimeGames Monthly Report (June/July 2021)

Staff Promoted

GamerZager201: Trainee --> Mod

xXKayla17Xx: Trainee --> Mod

Jay2144: Trainee --> Mod

Staff Removed


Staff Resigned





Eat My Seat

Trainee Additions





Team Transfers

Events: Discord Quiz Night event is still canceled.


Creative Server Build Contests have come to an end.

Streamer Rank Competitions have come to an end for the time being.

Prison and Survival Server Build Contests have begun! There was no adequate submissions for August's Monthly Building Contest, so a winner was not selected. Read below to find more information about this contest!

- Rules
- The project can be a plot on our prison server OR a land claim on our survival server.
- You can work together but cannot merge plots. (The winning team will have to split the rewards amongst themselves, do not expect 3x or 4x the reward). All survival builds must be within claimed land to be considered.
- Do not copy builds from other people or the Internet.
Disobeying rules will lead to disqualification.

- Criteria:
- Creativeness - 30 points
- Size - 15 points
- Complexity and Details - 25 points
- Theme - 30 points
Total: 100 points.

- The theme for this month's contest ending August 30, 2021: Fall!

- If you wish to enter the competition, please fill in this form:

Any questions? Feel free to dm @Spicy Air#4214

The winners of the events and contests will be announced here as well every month. Most events and competitions are hosted by iOneiroi, if you have any questions feel free to dm Spicy Air#4214 on discord.

Server Specific Changes

[Prison V2] Updates shown below.

Version 2.5.32 -> 2.25.33

-Players must be able to access the "I" (Uppercase i) Mine in order to enter PvP.

[SkyBlock V2]
Beta Release for Hades Rank or Higher is now Open. Full release for all players coming soon!


**This is not a thread to reply to, this is simply a report of what all happened in PrimeGames during the month of August 2021. If you have feedback, suggestions, or any other concerns feel free to make a forum thread in the respective category.**​
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