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PrimeGames Monthly Report April 2020

Staff Promoted

Moxwie: Trainee -> Mod

LILSTAR3452: Trainee -> Mod

RetchroVinox: Trainee -> Mod

STARtledCarrot: Trainee -> Mod

pilotplayz45: Trainee -> Mod

PreciseGalaxy58: Mod -> Community Manager

PureNinja019: Prison Lead -> Leader of Staff

InvalidLizard80: Community Manager -> Chief

FissileWolf9029: Leader of Staff -> Chief

Staff Removed





Staff Demoted

HazecoreXx: Chief -> Leader Of Staff

Staff Resigned




Moonstardust844 (joined staff again after resigning)

Trainee Additions

AdamsVI -> [Skyblock]

Server Specific Changes

Prisons- Added custom enchants Armored, Enlighted, and Antitoxin in the Custom Enchant shop. Removed Shielded in custom enchant shop because it caused glitches. Added cobwebs to shop. Added skeleton head, slime blocks and cakes for P1 shop. Disabled driller custom enchant as it was causing issues.

Survival- Added Obsidian Shield to survival for 50k. Added spawners to Survival. Added a public pig spawner area so that new players can earn a bit of money without constantly being killed by older players, if it doesn't work out I'll remove and think of something else. Created a new warp called pigs and made a slapper which warps you to the area **raw porkchop sells for $32**. Driller custom enchant disabled.

Added the following to the shop: Pumpkin seeds: $200 each Melon seeds: $180 each Seeds: $170 each. Removed lava from shop Created a category called Concrete and added all the coloured concrete for $80 each Added purpur blocks, endstone, nether brick block and red nether brick for $70 each. Removed flowers from shop Added 6 types of wood for $60 each Created a new shop category called "Miscellaneous blocks" and moved grass, dirt, sand, ice, nether rack, soul sand, quartz, glowstone, snow, echest into it Decreased echest price from 75k to 50k Created a category called "Coloured glass" and added glass for $50 and all the types of stained glass for $60 Increased sell price of pumpkins from $23 to $80 each, made potatoes sellable for $60 each, increased carrot sell price from $7 to $60, made melon sellable for $10 each and wheat for $70 each Added mossy cobblestone to stones category for $50 each Decreased saplings price from $500 to $100 Added golden apple to food category for $100 each Made the following sellable on Survival: Raw chicken: $50 each Feathers: $50 each All the types of coloured wool: $84 each Raw mutton: $56 each Leather: $90 each Raw beef: $50 each Sugarcane: $85 each Raw cod: $140 each Raw salmon: $140 each Bones: $418 each Blaze rod: $1067 each Shulker shell: $1334 each

Factions- Fixed area in PvP where players could not be hit. Removed factions pvp mine. Added gravel sells for $.4 Added flint sells for $4. Fixed an area in spawn where PvP was enabled. Added 2 echest in spawn that players can open. Banned tnt in all worlds as when you try to blow it up you crash. Fixed dupe glitch in factions. Added ink sacs back. Driller custom enchant disabled.

Reward system for koth gives 1 legendary key now. Banned /away and /afk in KOTH world. Banned Buckets in KOTH world. Banned flint and steel and fire charge in KOTH world. Banned sethome & createhome in koth world.

Skyblock- Added slime spawners to sb1 & 2 Slime balls sell 8$ a ball. Added blazes and squids to sb1 & 2. Added Podzol to SB1 and SB2 for $10. Banned fire charges in SB1 pvp. Added a staff room for Skyblock staff in both sb1 and sb2.

KitPvP- No Changes

Creative- No changes

Prisons V2- Prisons V2 is being released on May 10th 2020. To get more details, visit this post -> Prison V2 Announcement Want to play the Prison V2 server before everybody else?? Participate in this giveaway for a chance to play V2 early!!! (1 winner per day) -> Prison V2 tester giveaway

Staff Applications- Want to apply for staff on PrimeGames?? You’re in luck! Our staff applications are open until May 14th 2020. View our #announcements channel in our discord server for more details and instructions on how to apply. -> PrimeGames Discord Server

PrimeGames 3rd anniversary- It was our 3rd anniversary!!! Check out our forums post for it here -> PrimeGames 3rd Anniversary Announcement Thank you for your continued support! And congrats to all the people who won ranks for the rank giveaway that we did to celebrate.

Vote Giveaway- All players who voted 26 or more times in the month of April are eligible for a PrimeGames Bundle-3 on one server of their choice being either Skyblock, Factions, Survival, or Prisons. Join our discord and check our #announcements channel for instructions on how to redeem your prize. Thank you for voting and join our discord to stay up to date with news, events, and other giveaways! PrimeGames Discord Server

**This is not a thread to reply to, this is simply a report of what all happened in PrimeGames during the month of April 2020. If you have feedback, suggestions, or any other concerns feel free to make a forum thread in the respective category.**
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