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Prime Games - Discord Chat’s Basic Rules

Color Codes - Rules, Use of Privileges, Safety.

This thread will go over basic rules and guidelines that must be followed in the Discord Chat at all times. Breaking any of these could result in a punishment such as a mute, kick, or a permanent ban from our Discord platform. To have an amazing and safe Discord experience, we highly recommend you go over these rules and guidelines. Thank you to Felix, for suggesting this idea.

Expected Behaviour - Rules
Upon joining our Discord chat, you will be greeted with a welcome message containing the expected rules that must be followed at all times. You can access these rules at anytime by typing, “!rules” in chat.

Player, Welcome to PrimeGames! Have a great time here!
Please read rules first:-
1. Be cool!
- It's okay to have opinions and to express them plainly, but try to be nice about it... We are all human, please be civil.

2. The following is 100% prohibited:
a - Harassment/abuse of other members.
b - Racist, sexist, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive content.
c - Links to pirated or otherwise illegal content.
d - Sharing personal or confidential information about another user.
e - Spam, self promotion or advertising other communities/services.
f - No tagging @ everyone or here - NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Keep your personal disputes PRIVATE.
- No public squabbling, please resolve your issues privately.

4. Do not tag! Just say it.
- Do not tag Staff. Just say what you want, someone will see for sure.
- Never tag optimusprime338 (Biggest mistake.)

Expected Behaviour - Use of Privileges
We here at Prime Games believe you are allowed to talk with freedom of speech, and that you are allowed to calmly explain your opinion. But we do have some restrictions on what you can text and post.

Keep Photos Appropriate - No posting photos cotaining inappropriate language, advertising, sexual content, racism, offensive content, etc. Doing so may get your post delete or will result in a punishment. This applies both for profile pictures and direct messages.

Treat Others how You’d like to be Treated - Treat other fellow players with respect, and consider their feelings like how you’d expect them to consider yours. Refrain from being rude, name calling, and hurting other players feelings. This also applies for voice chat and direct messages.

Do not Advertise - Advertising by posting links, invite links, mentioning websites or other communities, self promotion, can result in a permanent ban. This also applies for voice chat and direct messages.

Playing Music in Voice chat - Please make sure that the content you are listening to is clean and does not contain anything inappropriate.

Proper Channels - Please use the proper channels for their proper uses, for example please use music commands in #music, do bot commands in #bot-commands, spam in #spamhere, speak languages in their corresponding channel, etc.

Do not ban Evade - If you were banned on discord and make another account and join the discord chat again, it is considered ban evading. Doing this will result in your other account being banned as-well, if you were banned for false reasoning please make an appeal here -

Expected Behaviour - Safety
We here at Prime Games try to give you the safest experience possible. We try to do our best to protect you from dangerous online predators as much as possible. Here are some things that you can do to ensure you and your private information is safe. Note that we cannot keep you safe out of Prime Games.

Change Privacy Settings - In discord if you go into your account settings there will be a section called Privacy and Safety Settings. You can change the settings according to your preferences, we highly recommend you turn off direct messages from server members.

Block Unwanted Messages - If someone is bothering you or asking for your information, you can always block them by going to their profile and blocking them.

Be Aware - Be aware of what you send, post and give out in the chat. Please be aware of your safety at all times and the safety of others.

Hopefully this thread gave you an explanation of what sort of behaviour is expected. Thank you for playing Prime Games!
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