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PrimeGames believes in fairness and having its members enjoy their own individual gameplay.

The following documents states the rules PrimeGames and its members must follow at all times. These rules are not here to be broken, bent or ignored but to ensure a fun and fair gameplay. Further action of these rules being abused will result in the appropriate consequences and possible removable circumstances. Also, due to the length of this document, there shall be listed a summarised version and extended more detailed version. A recommendation is to read both but if that isn’t possible, then please look at the summarised version. Any rules you find listed that you see, staff or players breaking then please report to a member of authority. Or report on our forums linked here:



Any rude terminology that is classified as swearing, racist, sexist, judgemental or offends another player isn’t allowed. Players found breaking this rule risk certain punishments and these will be recorded.


To preserve nontoxic and child-friendly gameplay, the following rules surrounding language must be followed. Any players not found following them will risk the consequences of mutes, temporary bans, and permanent bans. If any words used by a player are deemed not allowed by staff, it may result in or will result in these consequences. Any type of bad terminology used in ANY language by a player results in them being punished. PrimeGames doesn’t tolerate cussing, swearing or examples of foul word usage. Although if a player does receive punishment then this will be added into a log and stays permanently. Terminology can or may include: sexual words or phrases, highlighting threatening behavior, racist slurs and more. These aren’t deemed appropriate and not allowed, neither online or in the discord.

Capital letter usage(summarised)

The maximum capital letters allowed is 9 per sentence. Spamming of capital letters in each sentence repeatedly isn’t allowed. However, there is no capital limit when using them in nicknames.

Capital letter usage

Due to capital letters filling up chat and most importantly logs, there is a maximum allowed. The limitation is 9 capital letters maximum and no more. Also, spamming caps is not allowed because it is still seen as over-usage. An example is if a player is spamming text but using capital letters. Using capitals in sentences such as, “Have you got…?” is allowed because this doesn’t count as spam. Whereas, “ArE YoU oKaY” isn’t allowed because, it still categories as spam of caps. Additionally, the only acceptance of a large quantity of caps is in nicknames because they don’t affect logs.


Covering overall behavior that isn’t tolerated in any type of situation. This includes extreme arguments, language, and offenses. Also how you can address these matters to help prevent them: Telling staff, ignoring players or reporting players via website links added below.


To ensure kinder gameplay these rules are put in place to prevent toxic situations and players. Players aren’t allowed to mock, criticize or judge a person on any means. If a player makes a purposeful, hateful comment towards another player, then this isn’t allowed. It may be seen as a form of harassment, abuse or cyberbullying and punishment will be applied. Some toxic behavior may be underlining, repetitive statements about a player. A toxic player can appear different to each individual but the majority of the time, these people are causes for large arguments.

How to prevent such matters:

These preventive methods are very simple to follow.

  1. Tell a member of staff about the issue and explain the situation. Also try to provide proof such as screenshots, players in-game-name and so forth. There are also different ways to contact a staff member. You can message them via this website, discord or tell them in game. If you believe that staff isn't understanding your situation and wish to talk to another staff, we have a full team to talk to. Also, try using any of these methods instead.
  2. A hard way to prevent the situation but can work, is by ignoring the player. By doing so the person sees no more interest in targeting you. However, if this doesn't work and the player remains agitated tell staff or make a report. Also, you can contact a member of staff to help you via our discord in server related. https://discordapp.com/channels/311908418938077186/528878346076160000
  3. If you feel uncomfortable talking to staff, always make a report upon the website. https://primegames.in/forums/report-a-player.26/
Flying in PvP(summarised)

Not allowed with or without rank, seen as abuse and rank may be removed.

Flying in PvP

Flying in PvP is not allowed on any server types throughout PrimeGames. The following offense is taken as abuse of rank or hacking, and neither of these are allowed on our servers. Additional flying in the server domain, that isn't near or in the PvP area is allowed but only if you HAVE a rank.

Hacking (summarised)

Anytype of hacks isn’t allowed by players or staff, this is seen as abuse of gameplay and the following players will face high-risk consequences.


If you ever witness a player hacking, then please provide us with a report and proof as well. It is always hard to identify types of hacks because of issues due to lag, delay, etc. Listed people are types of hacks included from our knowledge:

Fast Ladder- Kind of looks like flying but on a ladder. The player can be seen going up or down a ladder abnormally fast.

Kill Aura- This is very common. Kill-Aura is where a player can be hitting another player without looking at them. They can also be seen hitting multiple players at once, as well as

Dolphin- Dolphin is basically where a player is in the water and can be seen taking large or small jumps forward. Kind of like how a dolphin dives underwater and jumps out. Hence the name "Dolphin".

Extinguish- Extinguish is where a player is set on fire and doesn't take full fire damage. If the player doesn't 'tick', then they're probably hacking. Be careful, this could be lag as well.

Glide/Levitate- A player using glide will not take fall damage. Let's say, you're at the top of a tall mountain (In SG, of course) you decide you don't want to have to climb down, so you just jump. But you die of fall damage. Players using glide hacks wouldn't die, they would slowly float down to safety, and wouldn't take fall damage.

Flying- Flying :/

Fast Eat- Eating food abnormally fast, just takes a second to eat food. Normally when you eat, it takes around 3 seconds, and makes an eating sound or a biting sound. With fast-eat, when a player eats, it makes the sound of one bite, if you know what I mean. Normally you would need to be able to hear the player eating to determine whether or not the player is using fast-eat.

Aimbot- Aimbot can only be seen when spectating or watching a fight between a regular player and a player that is using Aimbot. When a player uses aimbot, they can be seen with their head basically snapping around, this is because Aimbot enables a player to lock their head onto a player that they are fighting, so that they are always looking right at them. Sometimes the player may appear to be looking up.

Auto Armor- Auto-Armor is pretty self-explanatory. The player could be looting a chest, and also equipping armor at the same time. Another instance would be if a player is walking over a pile of loot, lets say there's full iron armor in the pile, the player would automatically equip the armor without opening their inventory.

Criticals- Criticals are also pretty self-explanatory. You know how when you jump and hit a player as you're falling, little particles come from the player you're hitting? Well, that's what criticals are, but rather than jumping and hitting to get crit hits, the player using Criticals doesn't need to jump to get critical hits on a player.

Anti Slipperiness

The Anti Slipperiness module disables slipping on ice making it easier to walk on.

Anti Knockback
The Anti Knockback module disables player knockback meaning you don't get pushed when hit my a mob or player.

The Speed module allows you to run/walk really really fast.

.wspeed <0-20> - Changes walk speed for the walk speed mod.

The Spider module allows you to climb blocks much like a spider does or like when you climp up ladders.

Freecam/Free clip
The Freecam module allows you to exit your body and freely fly around the world as if you were in spectator mode.

The Blink module allows you to exit your body and freely walk a short distance then have your body teleport to your position.

Fast ladders
The Fast ladders module allows you to climb up ladders faster.

Extra Elytra
The Extra Elytra module allows you to glide for a much longer time because of reduced speed loss.

Water jump
The Waterjump module allows you to automatically jump on water that courses you to move really fast.

The Scaffold Walk module allows you to place blocks under you as you walk making walking in the air easier.

Anti AFK
The Anti-AFK module stops servers from kicking you for being AFK by moving you around.

The BunnyJump module allows you to jump really high.

The BHop module allows you to move really fast by jumping.

The Sprint module automatically makes you sprint when moving.

Inventory Walk
The Inventory Walk module allows you to walk around using WASD when your inventory is open.

Always Sneak
The Always Sneak module spams the server with sneak packets tricking the server into thinking you are always sneaking.

The ChestSteal module allows you to automatically take items out of the chest and put them in your inventory.

Auto Item
The AutoItem module automatically switches your item to the most efficient tool for the job.

Auto Reconnect
The Auto Reconnect module automatically reconnects you to the server when you have been disconnected.

./reconnect <0-100> - Sets the seconds before auto auto reconnecting to a server.

The AutoEat module automatically switches and eats food on your hotbar when hungry.

Auto Armor
The Auto Armor module automatically equips the best armor in your inventory.

The AutoFish module automatically reels in fish and throws fishing rod when fishing.

Auto SplashPot
The AutoSplashPot module will automatically throw splash pots when you're low on health.

The AutoSoup module auto

Youtube video to show examples of hacks:https://youtu.be/8tVVRpfWIX4

If you can provide a recording of the player to send to staff, it is highly asked because it can provide a source of evidence so we can take action.

Ban evading

Ban evading is the occurrence of which a player joins the server on an alternative account and therefore invades. This is not allowed because the player is meant to be under consequences formally put into place and these add further consequences.


Asking staff to kick, ban or mute a player or oneself is considered baiting and risk worse action, then that asked of the individual. Additionally, the ban of baiting is because they can lead to a larger issue, such as a toxic disagreement and may need more staff to become involved.


Advertisement is not permitted online, in the discord or to be sent in DMs to our players promoting your own server. The types of advertisements include other servers, hack websites and anything deemed not allowed by staff members. You can’t disclose any sort of advertising through gang chat, normal chat, signs, etc.

Abusement of rules and glitching

Some aspects of the server cannot be finalized because of constant work upon the server. We ask our players not to abuse some of these aspects, such as block glitching because it causes further issues in-game. Also, a request that players don’t use bows at spawn points during PvP because this relates to abuse of play. Furthermore, another technique some players may use is switching between two different types of weapons. This isn’t allowed because it’s another form of abuse of play.

Inappropriate skins

Will be deemed by staff if they are allowed or not, nude, racist, non full Steve sized skins aren’t allowed during gameplay because it’s an abuse of play and can be offensive towards other players.

List of consequences that may be put in place by staff

  • Capital letters:warning>mute
  • Swearing/Offensive Language: warning>mute
  • Spamming:warning>mute
  • Toxicity: warning>mute
  • Racism: warning> mute
  • Threatening behavior: mute
  • Baiting:Depends on what is being baited
  • Evasion of mute: temp ban

This aren’t set in stone, our staff decides based on the type and severity of the situation what consequences should be put into place. Each situation may not directly reply to our rules and therefore our staff are experienced enough to know how to handle the punishments that should be given.
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