Important Factions Season 5

Factions Season 5 is releasing tomorrow with 8kx8k map size, spawners, new bow mechanic, new crate system developed by @DaPigGuy#4580 and many more features you need to search on your own and more to come soon.

Reset: We will reset factions season 5 in 6 months from the date of launch.

Why play this server? We are releasing factions season 5 with intentions to keep updating it on regular basis based on requirements and on your ideas. We have scheduled automatic server backups to restore in case needed or something happened which means you are not likely to lose ur hard-worked items anymore in this server.

Upcoming update: Server will keep getting updated frequently on a regular basis as said above with some features like Kill Reward based on players exp point, Bounty system, leaderboards etc

Season-5 #1 faction winner:- The leader of top faction of this season(Season 5) will be rewarded with 100 USD on PayPal or primegames store credit.

Note: we intend to do same for upcoming factions seasons.

Your feedback: You are requested to keep us filling with your own ideas and feedback on our website

Countdown: Click here
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