Entry Level Developer Application Guide

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Read Carefully Before Applying:

The information listed here is intended for applicants who wish to do software development. Any applications submitted through the Developers Application will be immediately denied if the applicant is attempting to apply for any other position. If you are not ready to start working immediately, you should not apply.

Description of Position:
Entry Level Developers will be asked to fill many roles but will be primarily responsible for updating existing software and creating new software as needed. Additionally, they will be expected to maintain documentation of software they are assigned or contribute to while properly responding to issues and pull requests in our issue trackers and GitHub. This will include maintaining regular communication via our Discord servers and forums so that tasks can be evenly distributed.

Qualified applicants MUST have the following:
  • A Discord account.
  • A GitHub account.
  • Examples of software, authored by the applicant, for evaluation by PrimeGames.
  • An Integrated Development Environment
  • General Understanding of PocketMine-MP, Altay, Steadfast2, or Nukkit API.
  • Comply with the PrimeGames Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Working knowledge of MySQL databases.

Highly qualified applicants will have the following:
  • Verifiable experience writing software for Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers.
  • Ability to conform to code style standards such as PSR-2
  • Strong Troubleshooting Skills
  • An application at primegames.in/form/entry-level-developer.14/select
  • Consistent Contribution History on GitHub
  • Ability to work with Linux
  • Ability to use SSH clients
On-boarding Process
When reviewing your application, we will contact you if we have questions or require any additional information. If you are selected for the position, we will contact you via Discord or e-mail (usually Discord) to start the process of joining the PrimeGames Development Team. If you do not hear back from us, it either means that we have not finished reviewing your application, or we have decided that your skill set does not fit the needs of PrimeGames currently. While waiting to hear back on an application, we welcome you to update us with any significant changes in your application. This would include things like recently learned languages or experience that you feel may be crucial to working with us.

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