Closed Chatting While in Combat

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It has come to my attention that even simply chatting while in battle will trigger the "combat logging" punishment of death.

I believe that is undesirable behaviour. I noticed I am piggybacking off another suggestion but I want to make sure that this issue isn't swept under the rug so I'd like to put the suggestion into a more professional format for recognition.

I've been playing factions since they started on java. Being able to type and teleport players into battle is very important.

I know it may be troublesome to work out a tweak in the code to allow players to chat and /tpahere other players while in combat. Please try your best to institute these exceptions as soon as possible.

I believe it is your intention to simply do two things:

1.) Punish players for teleporting away during batte.
2.) Punish players for disconnecting from the server during battle.

Those are excellent and very welcome additons. However, I don't think you intend to punish people for simply chatting or trying to /tpahere their friends in.

Thank you!

PS- Thank you Opti for responding so quickly to me on Discord and removing Hallucination. It was nice to see you respond quickly.
Not open for further replies.