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Before you apply Please read carefully:-

In this thread, you will find the processes and guidelines for being PrimeGames staff! Make sure you read all of them carefully and must be aware of them. Staff applications are here for the people who want to help us out with the community and make it a better place.
While applying for staff application make sure you describe true you(so we can decide the perfect position for you in our staff team) rather lying about only good qualities!

  • You must be on our discord server and must connect your discord account with the website by clicking here so you can sync your staff rank.
  • You must be 15 years old or older.
  • You must have joined primegames before 3 weeks and are active in it!
  • Past experiences is a plus but not compulsory.
  • You cannot be staff on another server when applying or being staff on prime games.

  • Applying for staff application to multiple accounts is not allowed. Upon finding out all applications will be declined and you will be debarred for applying for staff anymore.
  • A player must be honest when applying. Lying on the application will result in an immediate decline.
  • Make sure you have read and are aware of the Rules, Terms, and conditions posted here

The Recruitment Process:
  1. When applying the applicant fills a form that provides us with their basic contacts, information, past experiences and basic knowledge of staffing.

  2. When we receive the application, it goes through 2 stages; reviewed and shortlisted.
    Shortlisting will show:
    - Rejected Notification on the website; Rejected Prefix on the application; Generic Rejected mail sent to the applicant.
    The reasons for rejection can be many. If no reasons are given, it means that the applicant did not meet a specific requirement, otherwise, a reason will be given for rejection.
    - Whitelisted Prefix on the application; Generic Whitelisted email sent to the applicant.

  3. Whitelisted Process
    When an application is interesting, the applicant is put on the whitelist. This stage can go from 3 weeks up to months while we assess the applicant aptitude in the servers, their level of activity daily and weekly, their support and contribution to the multiple platforms of PrimeGames and so on. This is where the applicant should show their potential and how they can perform well as a staff. Failure to show enough effort during the whitelisted stage will result in rejections.

  4. Selection Process
    After an applicant has gone through the whitelisted stage, he/she will either be rejected or be selected as staff. The selection process will request the applicant to confirm his/her interest in PrimeGames and follow further steps that are revealed to him/her. After completion of these further steps, the applicant will then join our team and help us provide a better game to the entire PrimeGames Community.

  5. Finality LOS+ will need a quick interview to finalize and follow through with everything listed above. This way we can quantify and know that the applicant is truthful and accurate in the application. After approved and accepted this will ultimately be the final process.

    Special Request:
    Please remain patient and do not constantly ask about the application. The application form is just to have a basic idea of who you are, the real assessment happens in the servers, so please remain active and do your best there. Asking about your application won’t help but instead can negate your chances to be selected.

  • Please take your time to read all the questions and all the requirements very carefully.
    You have an only chance to apply per application, so do not rush your application since it will be the only one.

  • A piece of very random but important advice is to take your time to write your answers, meaningful and dedicated paragraphs weight more than a single line.

  • Mention all the information that can show the advantage you have over others; timezone, language, age, studies etc…

Further Info:
  1. The application is reviewed, whitelisted and selected/rejected by:
    LOS, Chief, Owner

  2. We remain in the right position to select or reject any application and to revoke any selected applicant at any point in time.

  3. By applying for staff at PrimeGames, you acknowledge that your work and contribution is fully voluntary and do not expect any rewards of In-real-life Value unless provided.

  4. By going further and applying for staff at PrimeGames, you acknowledge having read and understood all the points raised above and to abide by the rules.

Thank you very much for applying to our PrimeGames Minecraft Server.
We wish you all the luck during the recruitment process
and hopefully a warm welcome in
our staff's family!

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