Other 5 other quotes idk why lol (1 in random posts)

¨Death does not start when you die it starts when you forgot what you are doing and what you are doing it for.¨ -badbomber

¨You do not know what you have done with your life good or bad until you are on your last breath before death so when you do something make sure it counts.¨ -

¨Maturity does not come at a certain age it comes when u look at whats happening right in front of you.¨ -badbomber

¨To know everything is a illusion practically it does not exsist there always something you can learn.¨ -badbomber

¨to be truthful is not to tell the truth it was lies behind the truth.¨ -badbomber
im done posting things untill a few days or maby daily 5 quotes by me or anyone?