3 DAYS, 3 THEMES | Building Contest

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As you know we're getting ready for PrimeGames 2.0!!
Part of the big project is to make new bigger, greater and more epic maps!

But we don't want to make it alone. We want YOU to be part of it!
So if you have what it takes to join our
Build Team, participate in our big builder contest!

Contestant will be invited to a private creative server where they will have 3 days to submit 3 themed builds!
The best builders will become part of PrimeGames Official Build Team and will be featured on the servers!

So, are you our next builder?
You only need to create a ticket on PrimeGames discord,
mention V2BuildContest and your Minecraft In-game name!

The contest starts on the 03/12/18 at 00:00 UTC
The themes will be released then, but you may enrol as from now!
Good luck and have fun!

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Hello everyone! V2 Build Contest is over! Big Thank you to everyone who participated!
We reviewed the plots and the big winners are:

@Albertofloma and @OrbitalJaguar41

Congratulations! You are both joining the new V2 @Builder Team!
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