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  1. iprime96

    Prison Update Prison version 2.8

    We are introducing the next version of our beloved prison server version 2.8! ##What's new 1. All-new combat log indicator makes it easier to know whether you are in combat or not. 2. Detailed Info of your current opponent and their armour damage status 3. Get to know detailed info of...
  2. iprime96

    Skyblock Update SkyBlock-V2 Remastered

    We are finally happy to launch a re-worked version of our Skyblock server which you can join from our lobby. Below are some walk around of its features: 1. Island Level: Islands value is defined by its Level(Ⱡ). Island Level depends on island XP(IXP) with the formula y = 1000 * x ^ 1.75 where y...
  3. iprime96

    Vote Update

    This update gives the ability to claim ranks from votes at
  4. iprime96

    SkyBlock Vanilla or custom?

    Yall want new vanilla-like skyblock in a few days and let us improve it over time with updates which will be quicker to release or take 3-4 months and release dope skyblock server? Vanilla one will be like dope one later but I think it will be better since smaller updates are better to handle...
  5. iprime96

    Important Factions Season 5

    Factions Season 5 is releasing tomorrow with 8kx8k map size, spawners, new bow mechanic, new crate system developed by @DaPigGuy#4580 and many more features you need to search on your own and more to come soon. Reset: We will reset factions season 5 in 6 months from the date of launch. Why...
  6. iprime96

    Happy 3rd Anniversary primegamers

    I would like to thank you, staff team, developers, especially our fellow players who brought us here and we successfully surpassed 3 years on primegames today with ups and downs, from 0-top. The reason is you yall and all credits go to you for supporting primegames and being with us all time...
  7. iprime96

    Other Custom enchants or Vanilla enchants

    I want you guys to let us know if you like to have custom enchants if yes then what type. Comment your opinion below. Thank You
  8. iprime96

    Important Need community suggestions on custom enchants

    Hey all we need your suggestions/feedback on list of custom enchants and how much should they worth and what once should be removed and should not exist in prison servers.
  9. iprime96

    Cookie usage

    This page discusses how cookies are used by this site. If you continue to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. What are cookies? Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by your web browser at the request of a site you're viewing. This allows the site you're...
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    We are PrimeGames ("we", "our", "us"). We’re committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. If you have questions about your personal information please contact us. What information we hold about you The type of data that we collect and process includes: Your name or username. Your...
  11. iprime96

    Apply for Trainee

    Before you apply Please read carefully:- In this thread, you will find the processes and guidelines for being PrimeGames staff! Make sure you read all of them carefully and must be aware of them. Staff applications are here for the people who want to help us out with the community and make it...
  12. iprime96

    Important Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.5.0 update

    The Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.5.0 update is rolling out across many devices. Our servers will be updated for this in the next couple of days. When we update, new aquatic content may not be available yet as there is still much testing and developing to do to bring these things to you...
  13. iprime96

    Terms And Conditions!

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Last updated: (3 December 2019) By accessing and/or using any of PrimeGames’ services such as the website at and all other sub-domains such as, our servers, and/or our Discord channel, you agree to PrimeGames’ Terms of Service. If...
  14. iprime96

    Notice Happy Birthday wishes to Gamquiusiscanon

    Happy birthday wishes to our one of oldest staff @Gamquiusiscanon !!!!
  15. iprime96

    All Server Server Updates

    1. Factions server has been reset and completely fresh with working spawners, custom enchants and lag free! 2. Shop glitch has been fixed where players used to get wrong items! Thanks to @FiberglassCivic ! 3. Crates haves been updated on all servers with new crate keys and lot more wins!! 4. A...
  16. iprime96

    All Server Server Update

    1. Updated and fixed (on all server) player shop by FiberglassCivic!Please check for tutorial 2. Added ability to break spawner with diamond pick on skyblock 2 3. Added mobs automatic mob killer on skyblock2 to reduce amount of...
  17. iprime96

    All Server Server Update

    1. Updated and fixed player shop by FiberglassCivic! Please check for tutorial 2. Added ability to break spawner with diamond pick on skyblock 2 3. Added mobs automatic mob killer on skyblock2 to reduce amount of lag!
  18. iprime96

    Notice Staff Promotions! (January Month)

    Louye024 Mod-> Admin NikittaYT Mod-> Admin Milouf Mod->removed reason:- inactive weheartlai Mod->removed reason:- inactive Danibobo Admin-> removed reason:- inactive Zeek Admin -> OP kujiano Admin -> OP
  19. iprime96


    Please note By using any of our services (Web, Minecraft servers, and/or Discord server) you are agreeing to our rules. PrimeGames Rules and Regulations PrimeGames’ rules MUST be followed at all times. Infractions on any of the PrimeGames services, whether it be servers, websites, Discord...
  20. iprime96

    Notice Commander of staff

    Introducing a new rank in our server called Commander of Staff aka COSF who will have access to server resources, can take or give rank to players on there own will for a appropriate reason, Can lead staff team, Can punish/take away a staff rank, manage web store rank problems and manage server...