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  1. LightStorm5010

    New PrimeGames Skyblock v3 (Supreme Skyblock)

    Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that last week PrimeGames released its new interpretation of Skyblock! The long awaited Version 3 of Skyblock has arrived with many new features and twists that were never expected. All of this was made available with the cross-platform setup of the new...
  2. LightStorm5010

    Prison plot reset

    I’ve suggested the idea before and was told that it would not be added (the plot reset), and unlimited claims won’t be added either because that defeats the whole purpose of getting a specific amount of claims from each rank.
  3. LightStorm5010

    Prison Lastly... Prisons.. Here's My Suggestions

    There are a lot of features on Prisons V2 and I agree that it’s not very user friendly for that reason. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that v1 prisons was better though. As for the answering questions, there are a lot of guides in the announcements section that explain each update and how it...
  4. LightStorm5010

    Prison AH suggestion

    The personal shops + trades were meant to replace the auction house, but I don't think the personal shops work anymore. Bringing back the auction house would be nice if it is guaranteed to have no bugs, no duplication possibilities, and cause nearly as much lag as it used to.
  5. LightStorm5010

    Prison Suggestion for key luck

    On the finance side of things, it would give people a bigger incentive to actually buy keys or grind for them. Also at the same time not making it overly powerful. I like this idea a lot actually, but I think this idea could follow the format of the RNGesus meter in Hypixel Skyblock, where in PG...
  6. LightStorm5010

    Survival Current State of Survival V3

    I joined Survival V3 (Java & Bedrock cross platform Survival server) to find that it has been reset. I was told by someone that the Beta testing is over, and now the server is fully released and won't be reset again. I really hope that isn't the case because I don't see any positive changes...
  7. LightStorm5010

    Prison V2 Auto Repair Change

    Anti AR is terrible and it still shouldn’t be buffed. You would easily be able to kill people with AR helmet and chest plate if wither and cursed were removed. The problem is like I said above wither and cursed, as well as auto repair books. Full auto repair has ruined a major part of this game...
  8. LightStorm5010

    Prison I don’t get this dude why don’t u just fix either u are making one enchant seriously bad by making it cancel hits

    It honestly is as simple as just removing it from the game since it’s clearly not going to be fixed. Wither and cursed have been a menace to PvP for nearly 8 months now, and more people would’ve been playing if the enchant was just removed.
  9. LightStorm5010

    Other Ideas to make the discord active

    Legendary keys, rare keys, and common keys are already easy enough to obtain. If such idea was implemented, they would be even easier to get and the PG store would produce even less revenue, so Opti most likely won’t add this idea.
  10. LightStorm5010

    Important My Concerns (Update 2.6)

    Wrong about egaps. You literally just don't take damage, and if you do, it's very little. Just egap once every couple of minutes and you'll live without even trying.
  11. LightStorm5010

    Important My Concerns (Update 2.6)

    I'll give you a more in depth response tomorrow, but I just experienced the worst fail in my life. One shot bows.... are you for real right now? Was nothing tested? I think that even you would agree that a one shot weapon is literally broken. One shot against maxed out gset too....
  12. LightStorm5010

    Important My Concerns (Update 2.6)

    The selected enchants and enchant levels initially before this update were logically chosen. We accounted for the overall preference of the community when it comes to PvP, and we made sure that there were no more enchants than needed. The useless and redundant ones were kept out. The levels were...
  13. LightStorm5010

    Important My Concerns (Update 2.6)

    Auto Repair How are auto repair books a sensible addition? When you get only two more auto repair books, you are now unbeatable especially with the crazy high enchants. I understand that they are rare, but you need to understand that they are from legendary keys, which are so heavily duped when...
  14. LightStorm5010

    Important My Concerns (Update 2.6)

    I also want to point out the consistency of the PrimeGames community. I've been checking in often these past couple of months, and I see consistent 30-50+ players online at peak hours, which is really good. This shows that people love your server Opti and they want to see it grow. I know you can...
  15. LightStorm5010

    Important My Concerns (Update 2.6)

    Hey Everyone, I hope everyone reading this forums post is doing well! I decided to rejoin Prisons V2 after a couple months of inactivity, and I was pleasantly surprised and then struck with concern at the same time. First of all, I want to start off by saying that this forums post is not to...
  16. LightStorm5010

    Prison Update Prison v2.5 Update!

    Scoreboard: Just an fyi you won't be getting 813k Tokens. This was for testing purposes.
  17. LightStorm5010

    Prison Update Prison v2.5 Update!

    Customizable Pickaxe:
  18. LightStorm5010

    Prison Update Prison v2.5 Update!

    Supply Crates:
  19. LightStorm5010

    Prison Update Prison v2.5 Update!

    Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that today PrimeGames will be releasing a major update to Prisons. We cannot believe that it's already version 2.5, and to show our gratitude, we wanted to surprise the community with what may be the biggest update to a single server in all of our history...