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  1. iprime86

    Can anyone find my alt? Its online rn

    you will get yourself blacklisted.
  2. iprime86

    Skyblock Update SkyBlock-V2 Remastered

    We are finally happy to launch a re-worked version of our Skyblock server which you can join from our lobby. Below are some walk around of its features: 1. Island Level: Islands value is defined by its Level(Ⱡ). Island Level depends on island XP(IXP) with the formula y = 1000 * x ^ 1.75 where y...
  3. iprime86

    Survival Bug

    I will look into it, thanks
  4. iprime86

    Read this

    be nice
  5. iprime86

    SkyBlock When she coming back

    since when Skyblock became "she"
  6. iprime86

    Tf is a super banned light

    There is no point of recommendation for ban appeal, Superban clearly says there is no you getting unbanned and there is no command to unban a superbanned player as well.
  7. iprime86

    Closed /rankcolor

    are we discussing about the thread Tittle or starting an argument on that?
  8. iprime86

    Closed /rankcolor

    none of public plugins will work with ours
  9. iprime86

    Closed /rankcolor

    gonna have to mess with lots of things to do that
  10. iprime86

    Closed /rankcolor

    that's a very good idea but that's kinda hard to work on since rank titan applies to everyone and is not unique so if somehow give you ability to change the rank colour it will change for everyone.
  11. iprime86

    Prison Pls remove ill explain

    Blocks breaks needed are challenges for rank ups + it forces players with donators ranks actually have to go from A-Z instead of just chilling in donator mines which is main idea of prison server. It won't be removed. Thank you for your feedback. Closing....
  12. iprime86

    Vote Update

    This update gives the ability to claim ranks from votes at
  13. iprime86

    Prison coin collector

    Coin collector is CE it self
  14. iprime86


    The reply still stays the same for “a month ago” post which I have no idea about.
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    A thread is not meant to be used just for “hi”, it is considered as spam
  16. iprime86

    I guess good bye

    bye bye *was banned basically*
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    SkyBlock Vanilla or custom?

    It means it will have basic functionalities like farmings, shop, skyblock etc etc but other custom updates will be added later on.
  18. iprime86

    SkyBlock Vanilla or custom?

    Yall want new vanilla-like skyblock in a few days and let us improve it over time with updates which will be quicker to release or take 3-4 months and release dope skyblock server? Vanilla one will be like dope one later but I think it will be better since smaller updates are better to handle...
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    Survival banned ??

    no estás prohibido