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  1. Froggyfiddles57

    Prison Got Banned For Lag I Can't Fix

    Yes, I have asked opti to add /ping so we can check a players ping, but for the current situation we have been given proof, so we only see the POV of the player being attacked, but hopefully when /ping is added we won’t have this issue, but we would hate to see an actual hacker and say they’re...
  2. Froggyfiddles57

    Prison Got Banned For Lag I Can't Fix

    Look, as a Mod, it’s hard for us to properly say if someone is hacking or not, obviously we know when it’s clear, but things that involve lag and reach are hard to determine, so when we see suspicious behaviour, I generally ask about their internet quality but I’m not sure if that applies to all...
  3. Froggyfiddles57

    Primegames is the best

    Well.... Skyblock is being worked on right now, so when it comes back and is fixed properly it should be back to normal, but for now we just need to wait!
  4. Froggyfiddles57

    There should be a trade command and be able to make money papers

    The only thing I can suggest, is to trade with the right people, also gaining a trustful reputation helps a lot with it, because I have only been scammed once since V2 :)
  5. Froggyfiddles57

    The world's hardest choice

    Nu don’t close thread lmao we need more people to understand how good ice cream flavoured pizza is!
  6. Froggyfiddles57

    The world's hardest choice

    But ice cream flavoured pizza now that’s something right there
  7. Froggyfiddles57

    The world's hardest choice

    Sounds pretty good to me
  8. Froggyfiddles57

    SkyBlock Oтнer peopleѕ opιnιon on тнe Ѕĸyвlocĸ reѕтarт

    As of right now. There is no set date it’s just “in a couple months” I asked a while ago and prime mentioned about 6 months so it’s probably about 4 and a half but there is no actua date
  9. Froggyfiddles57

    SkyBlock V2 SkyBlock V2 suggestions

    Yes we need the ez shop setup, that was so good.
  10. Froggyfiddles57

    SkyBlock Oтнer peopleѕ opιnιon on тнe Ѕĸyвlocĸ reѕтarт

    The time until the reset probably won’t be altered based on what is seen here but I want to get opinions from other people about the reset. Because Skyblock hardly has any players and needs some love.
  11. Froggyfiddles57

    SkyBlock New Blocks And Items (Feel Free To Comment Suggestions)

    even then. You can’t put people in a bedrock box anyways, because its as simple as /spawn for the person inside but bedrock can also be used for good things like cobblegens same with barriers. It would just be a but complicated to setup the barriers so players could place and break them.
  12. Froggyfiddles57

    Survival Ideas for V2 Survival

    I think if you were mining and you got like key chunks then when you got either 4 or 9 key chunks u can get a random crate key type.
  13. Froggyfiddles57

    Resolved trainee pls

    MOJANG867 I’ve seen you spam the admin chat with “make me staff” when you were muted so if you want to be a staff member. 1 apply when the applications are open and 2; follow the rules.
  14. Froggyfiddles57

    SkyBlock Suggestions for things that need to be added to /shop in the future.

    With the new shop Plugin it is missing some thingS, along with that there are some things that I want to suggest to add. Like cobwebs, different tier armor like iron and gold also tools that are iron and gold, which will help the starting players and I feel like have the prices for lava and...
  15. Froggyfiddles57

    SkyBlock We need /is kick

    It has came to my attention that there are some things missing and some needed changes and additions that need to be made with the Skyblock plugin. A few days ago someone teleported to my island. Was getting in the way, bothering me and there was nothing I could do. I Couldn’t get them to leave...
  16. Froggyfiddles57

    SkyBlock Enchant ideas!

    When your mining. It has a random change to fill your hunger by 1 - 2 bars
  17. Froggyfiddles57

    Pending Remove island member (bug)

    You need to be cautious of who your are inviting and make sure that player does not have access to your items.
  18. Froggyfiddles57

    Pending Remove island member (bug)

    I had invited a player to my island on Skyblock 1, he immediately started to grief my base. I tried to remove him but because his name had a space in it (YT badkingkarma) I was unable to remove him, therefore he had access to my entire island and there was nothing I could do. Please fix this, so...