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  1. FallenPrestige

    Pending Staff

  2. FallenPrestige

    Pending Staff

    Hi there, Yes, previous replies have stated that applications are currently closed and will not open until sometime early next year (2019). Once applications open, I encourage you to submit a report in the appropriate forum as we will not accept/read applications elsewhere. I'd also encourage...
  3. FallenPrestige

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much!
  4. FallenPrestige

    One last time <3

    That's so sweet, thank you so much! <3
  5. FallenPrestige

    One last time <3

    @DARKLORDZM14 @MacFerns04 @BigO @Imout007 you guys are amazing! XD HUGS EVERYDAY!! haha
  6. FallenPrestige

    One last time <3

    I'm so happy to see you againnn!! *HUGS*
  7. FallenPrestige

    One last time <3

    thanks love <3
  8. FallenPrestige

    One last time <3

  9. FallenPrestige

    Closed 6 months ago..

    Awh Felix, this was so sweet and kind and extremely helpful for all those new helpers joining the server. I'm so proud of how far you've come and I'll continue to support your journey. Love you bro <3 (even tho I wasn't mentioned in the para) lol jk xd xx
  10. FallenPrestige

    Heyo. I'm new to PG forums.

    Hey! Welcome to PrimeGames Thank you so much! Let me know if you have any questions or problems regarding Skyblock as I am the lead and would be most happy to assist. My IGN is mollyoom101, but my nick is MOLLY, I don't usually say much in game, other times I'm crazy, however, I'm usually almost...
  11. FallenPrestige

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FISS! lysm! Hope your day is spent well, tysm for your friendship! -MRH-

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FISS! lysm! Hope your day is spent well, tysm for your friendship! -MRH-
  12. FallenPrestige

    All Server Best Cobblestone generator

    Have you done a stone generator video? I have a great example for one. If you want to see one, or make a video on how to make one, dm on discord. :) Regards, -MRH-
  13. FallenPrestige

    @KillJoy77 leave now, this is already an issue dealt with. Please don't cause a problem that...

    @KillJoy77 leave now, this is already an issue dealt with. Please don't cause a problem that will only lead to more drama. Thank u.
  14. FallenPrestige

    Resolved Staff Needed

    Thank you for your concern. Please report all hacking players and other over at: https://primegames.in/forums/report-a-player.26/ with proof, otherwise nothing can be done. If, you are unable to attach a video link, contact a staff member on discord or the lead of that server (me). Hope this...
  15. FallenPrestige

    Closed Spawners

    Spawners were disabled on sb1 due to mass lag. Please purchase these on sb2. -MRH- closing thread//
  16. FallenPrestige

    Resolved Cactus Farm rule size?

    closing thread//
  17. FallenPrestige

    Resolved Cactus Farm rule size?

    Large cactus farms can cause mass amounts of lag in the server, resulting in unhappy players and problems with things working. I suggest you to not build higher than 60 blocks and 100x200 (aprox.) wide. This may seem small, but it's not. Hope this helps:) -MRH-
  18. FallenPrestige

    Closed A tip for new players on sb1

    I understand your annoyance, but scamming is allowed, unless it involves real life money. If this happens, please contact higher staff with proof of this incident. We will take this into further investigation. Here is a link to the PrimeGames rules and regulations followed by all members...
  19. FallenPrestige

    Resolved help!

    There are many ways you can earn money on sky block. The most common approach is a cactus farm, which you can afk in, as well as extend up and out, (but not too big). You can also farm pumpkin and melons, melons sell for more by the block, and pumpkins too. You cannot sell seeds. If you are into...
  20. FallenPrestige

    Closed Skyblock - 1 needs redstone!

    Mobs are not available on sb1 as the lag, which is one of the reasons why they added sb2. As for red stone and hoppers, this will just end up messing the server, and cause even greater lag. I understand your concern and annoyance, but unfortunately, these things cannot be added for this moment...