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  • @Badbomber122590
    I'm sick right niw. Like really sick my throat feels like its gonna kill me and iwnrudhajaj
    If you can plz tell the residents of sefyard or vettebrandon or grimreaperzisdead or vaderwill that's why I'm gone and to listen to grim till I get well enough to focus on anything that isn't pain.
    I just had an ice cream cone so I have the sugar rush needed to type this out.
    Thanks in advance
    The dog just brought in a PRAYING MANTIS from outside. I swear she thinks she's a cat.
    Luckily it was undamaged (from what I can see) and isn't dead.
    But now I dunno what to do. I know how to care for them and such due to researching about them because they seemed cool, but I don't have any live bugs to feed it with.
    Am gonna try feeding it a piece of meat cut into the shape of a bug later. Wish me luck
    Unsure if this is a unpopular opinion but--
    Eating your birthday candles is w r o n g
    No I eat my birthday candles I also get in the shower on the side the water is on soo maby I'm just weird :/
    Bruh, why am I not surprised.
    Also getting into the shower from the side is normal? Isn't that why shower curtains exist? So you can just step in from the side?
    Or have I misunderstood? What you meant by? Getting in? The shower? On the side?
    The side where b the water comes out that's what I mean
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    Bruh I dunno why but I have the strong desire to one day meet the man, the myth, the legend himself...
    Rick astley
    Never gonna give up on this dream
    Residents of Sefyard, (or just @Badbomber122590):
    Soon I'm not gonna be able to join till around 2 pm, due to real life stuff.
    Ill still try and join as much as I can, cause its a lot of fun. Just a warning in case y'all miss me and assume I've abandoned the server or Minecraft entirely.
    Been thinking of adding catacombs under sefyard once I finished the border wall. Could store emergency supplies there like armor, riches, swords, tools, etc
    Could even be used as a maze to confuse anyone chasing you.
    Wow this is really fancy!
    Do all Minecraft servers have their own website?! This is really cool
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