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  1. Cottonmelis

    Who am I?

    Awwwww thank you! You’re awesome too!!
  2. Cottonmelis

    Closed Gang nick

    Closing this thread, since there is an another one already existing.
  3. Cottonmelis

    Prison Gang nicknames

    Yeah.. I think, something like that should exist on all servers, so everyone could be able to change their gang name
  4. Cottonmelis

    Winner Summer vacation

  5. Cottonmelis

    Prison Wait, that's illegal...

  6. Cottonmelis

    Important Repetitive

    You‘re right, but do you know that there will be a v2 out, too, soon? So a lot of PG servers will have changes and also, there will be a better gaming experience. The only thing we can do right now is to wait and hope that this kind of things will be included. Also, thank you that you enjoy...
  7. Cottonmelis

    Included Fantsy

  8. Cottonmelis

    Prison Prevent Prison 2 Toxicity, it's just dumb.

    If you need help with the german language you can dm me too so I can translate the stuff for you
  9. Cottonmelis

    Pending Custom Structures for V2 of factions

    That‘s a cool idea! Would be a lot of fun for new players to search for these structures and such :D
  10. Cottonmelis

    Included IGNORE THIS! I made a better build

    Woah! You did all of this in 3 hours?! It would take me 100 years to make that castle in the background xD good job! :0
  11. Cottonmelis

    Prison2 I got Immortal

    have fun with it xD
  12. Cottonmelis

    Factions Do you guys mind if i do a youtube series on factions

    Do whatever you feel like :D (except breaking the rules yk lol)
  13. Cottonmelis

    This Is Probably Going To Be A Punny Thread!

    wow so many responses on this thread xD
  14. Cottonmelis

    Winner Western

    Woahhh that looks stunning! Good job! :0