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Other ? Happy ? Anniversary ? PrimeGames ?
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On this day one year ago, April 28th 2017 Optimus opened Prime Games for the very first time. I remember we didn’t have Prison, or even a stable factions server. We really just had Survival, soon came along Skyblock and we expanded into Factions, Creative, Prison and so on. I have made many memories here, the bad and the good. Wow, a year just goes by so fast.. I mean dude look how far we have come since those survival days! I remember getting a text from Optimus saying “I opened a server it’s going to be awesome.” I doubted that, but looking at it now he was correct, it was going to be awesome, it is awesome. Little by little the server blossomed, and just to pay a small gift for a big server I decided to make some pretty cool looking art just for this special occasion. Knowing now it’s April 28 2018.. that’s just incredible how much progress we have made. This is more than just a server to me, it’s a family. Keep making it awesome, one day you’ll look back at this and smile and...

Important Primegames! <3

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Primegames - To the server we most love for and cherish i wish primegames a happy birthday! Primegames has had its days and days we wont forget, we have came a long way to say happy birthday, 1 year anniversary to the server we love and a long way a head we may have come, the servers been through a lot and a lot will come, through updates, downs, ups, all of our times make the server what it is today, a great community that goes around it and i thank the players who let it survive, i thank the staff team for sticking with primegames through these times and the times ahead. Happy 1Year Anniversary Primegames!

To the owners of primegames - Thank you for building this great community, we wouldn't be here without you standing by us, to the two that made Primegames what is is today i would like to thank @optimusprime338 and @CoffeeLollies01 for building this great and...

Terms And Conditions!

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Last updated: (3 December 2019)

By accessing and/or using any of PrimeGames’ services such as the website at and all other sub-domains such as, our servers, and/or our Discord channel, you agree to PrimeGames’ Terms of Service. If you previously or presently have failed to comply with any of our terms and conditions, you may be banned from using and/or accessing any of Prime Game’s services.

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All Server 1.2.10.x Text / Chat Lag Bug - Workaround
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If you are currently having issues with a noticeable delay or lag while you're typing in chat, try this workaround:

Open the chat window, and click the button shown below:

You should now see this icon, pictured below.


Now type, and you should notice a significant improvement. This was only tested on a Win10 Edition, but may work for other versions as well.

This does not fix, other forms of lag, such as those cause by poor connections or low resources, or old hardware.

This bug has been reported, you can check the status of bug MCPE-28255 [Here]

Please click like if you found this helpful.

All Server Server Updates

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1. Factions server has been reset and completely fresh with working spawners, custom enchants and lag free!
2. Shop glitch has been fixed where players used to get wrong items! Thanks to @FiberglassCivic !
3. Crates haves been updated on all servers with new crate keys and lot more wins!!
4. A mini games test server has been added called Zombie mode! You can test it from Hub!

More Coming soon
Notice 1.2.9 Bulk Inventory Move Bug - Workaround
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UPDATE: March 9th, 2018 :: This issue has now been fixed in the 1.2.11 Update --

You can now switch back to the Pocket UI Profile without any trouble. To see a full list of changes in the 1.2.11 Update click [ Here ]

Info below is outdated -- but here for reference
If you are currently having issues trying to move bulk items from or to your inventory you try this workaround by going into your game settings:

Choose Video --> UI Profile ---> Select Classic
You should now be able to move stacks of items.

This bug has been reported, you can check the...
All Server Server Update
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1. Updated and fixed (on all server) player shop by FiberglassCivic!Please check for tutorial
2. Added ability to break spawner with diamond pick on skyblock 2
3. Added mobs automatic mob killer on skyblock2 to reduce amount of lag!
Important About Us
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PrimeGames is a new minecraft bedrock edition server which specialise in action and fun through survival, PvP and Creative.
(Minecraft Bedrock Edition formerly known as Minecraft Pocket Edition, MCPE, Minecraft PE is the multi-platform version of Minecraft developed by Mojang AB)

Our servers range from Factions and survival mode, PvP only and Creative World to our most famous Skyblock1 and Skyblock 2.
Our latest addition; Prison will be perfect for those who like the thrills of Pvp Mines.

We are proud to offer a no-lag experience on all our servers and our friendly staff will make sure that you spend a great game time with us.
We are kid-friendly and will ensure that your children play in a safe and monitored environment.

If you were looking for great fun, cool enchants and awesome...​

Notice Staff Promotions! (January Month)

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Louye024 Mod-> Admin
NikittaYT Mod-> Admin
Milouf Mod->removed reason:- inactive
weheartlai Mod->removed reason:- inactive
Danibobo Admin-> removed reason:- inactive
Zeek Admin -> OP
kujiano Admin -> OP


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PrimeGames Rules and Regulations

PrimeGames’ rules MUST be followed at all times. Infractions on any of the PrimeGames services, whether it be servers, websites, Discord channels, or any other service, can affect and/or ban a user from any and all other services.

Communicate Respectfully

PrimeGames strives to be a family server that is welcome to all. Always be respectful and civil towards other players.

Hate speech, bigotry, discriminatory, racist, homophobic or sexual remarks are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to discrimination by ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or creed.

Sanctions will be at the discretion of PrimeGames staff. Punishments include, but are not limited to, Formal Warnings, Temp Bans, Permanent Ban, IP Ban, and/or any other sanctions deemed appropriate...
Notice Commander of staff
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Introducing a new rank in our server called Commander of Staff aka COSF who will have access to server resources, can take or give rank to players on there own will for a appropriate reason, Can lead staff team, Can punish/take away a staff rank, manage web store rank problems and manage server twitter , give away's and server weekly build competitions, Only owners can give ranks to a staff who has been here for a long time and is enough mature to handle all server stuffs on owners absence on there own without any problem. For now are selecting our 2 staffs as COSF who are DARKLORDZM14 and Skybuckler. Congratulations to them on promotions and thanks to them for being here all time whenever PG needed them. hope same from them in future too! and selecting @Heyclaire18 as server chief!