Prison Prison Giveaway Re-Cap (2/9/2020)


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Prison Giveaway Re-Cap (2/9/2020)

Today, the last prize was claimed. Which means the giveaway is completely and officially over. Here is the recap.

I am very proud to say this giveaway was completely made from start to event date in about 5 days and all of the prizes were from in game features. No item was spawned in or bought with real money, it started with my own items and then other generous sponsors offered more to give away. It was a work in progress even on the day of the giveaway we kept adding more items and kept grinding until the day of the events.

This is by no means a giveaway only made by me, it would not be possible without the sponsors and even more important, the players. Thank you to all the sponsors who helped and thank you to all the players who showed up!

List of all sponsors
@PreciseGalaxy58 for keys and money on both prison servers
@LightStorm5010 for money on prison 2
@GAMERJ2A for keys on prison 2
@ChrisTwee123 for auto repair 1 chestplates and keys on prison 1
@Rushil13579 for keys on both prison servers
@legaxy for money and keys on prison 1

@TjReverendMouse for keys on both prison servers

Behind The Scenes
Also there were a few people who helped me behind the scenes too. Special thanks to @TjReverendMouse who approved it and helped me organize it. Special thanks to @SuperMusicCow for organizing the event times with me so people across the world could all participate. Special thanks to @PureNinja for live-streaming the in game event winner draws on discord.

So what was all given away? Well in total we gave away...

  • 14 Immortal rank thorns 3 Helmet, all global armor custom enchants (no glowing)
  • 14 Immortal rank thorns 3 Chestplate, all global armor custom enchants (no chicken)
  • 14 Immortal rank thorns 3 Leggings, all global armor custom enchants
  • 14 Immortal rank thorns 3 Boots, all global armor custom enchants (no springs)
  • 14 Emerald rank swords with all custom sword enchants
  • 14 Bows with Power 3 Headhunter 3 and all custom sword enchants
  • 182 Common Keys
  • 98 Vote Keys
  • 896 Enchanted Golden Apples
  • 14 Immortal Pickaxes with driller 1 haste 2
  • 14 Autorepair 1 Chestplates with Protection 4
  • 70 Million in game currency

Wow, that's a lot of items to make and update throughout 5 days and keep equal on both servers. So who all won those items?

Winners of the giveaway are...

Event 1
// Prison 1: OKJ0E and sunnihoseok /// Prison 2: knocker151 and OB Cinapzz ///

Event 2
// Prison 1: simpsonavi and MoranaNyx /// Prison 2: GrapeAppleDude and DulcetBasket348 ///

Event 3
// Prison 1: Fried Potato6 and LyricRex2822076 /// Prison 2: CladAunt8160298 and DemonRift ///

Exclusive Forums Bundle
// Prison 1: AppleBoss123 /// Prison 2: Rockyzshawn ///

Will there be any future giveaways soon?

From me, no, however other staff members may be putting together something soon. I plan on waiting until V2 as I was a bit worried this one would be too close to V2 but seems it was not that bad. As for V2 giveaways I really hope we could do monthly giveaways as the prison staff team. I will try and do giveaways myself as the prison team giveaway option is not entirely up to me.

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~Thanks again to all the people who participated, I know you are probably sick of all these posts so this will be the last one, I promise. This was just a short recap of what was all given away, who all won, and more about the giveaway and future giveaways.~